Michelle Obama explains why she refuses to be her daughters’ friend (video)

The former first lady subscribes to teaching and guiding her daughters over likability and friendship
Michelle Obama explains why she refuses to be her daughters' friend (video)
Michelle Obama (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Former first lady Michelle Obama made it explicitly clear that her impulse to parent has always superceded her desire to befriend her two daughters.

The New York Times bestselling author facilitated the TV special, “Revolt x Michelle Obama: The Cross-Generational Conversation,” which delved into “gentle parenting” vs. a more stern approach that Obama subscribes to.  The panelists included famous mothers like Tina Knowles-Lawson, Winnie Harlow, H.E.R., and Kelly Rowland, and was moderated by radio personality Angie Martinez. 

During the discussion, Rowland asked Obama: “Isn’t there a part of you that wants to be a trusted friend too, or do you just put yourself in the parent box?”

Before Rowland could finish the question, Obama cut her off and answered with an emphatic “no.” Obama believes there should be a firm line of demarcation between a parent and their children. 

“Once you decide you want your child to be your friend, now you’re worried about them liking you,” Obama explained. “And there’s so much of [being a] parent that has nothing to do with them liking you. … So much of what you’re gonna have to teach them is counter to what they want.”

Some Twitter respondents concurred with Obama’s sentiments, but others believe Obama’s parental philosophy is antiquated and counterproductive in contemporary society.

Still, others backed Obama.

Obama previousl talked about how she and former President Barack Obama used fear to dissuade their children from adopting certain modern behaviors, such as getting tattoos.

“We used to threaten our kids [by saying], ‘If you get a tattoo, we’re going to get exactly the same kind, and show it on TikTok or whatever. … We’re gonna make it so uncool!’ ” she said on the “Kelly Clarkson Show.”

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