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Fitness tips to crush your 2023

The top trainers across the country provide tips on how you can maintain your New Year’s resolution fitness goals throughout the year.
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Darren Ross, owner of P 13 Fitness (Photo courtesy of Darren Ross)

The “new year, new you,” fitness mantra may seem cliche, but every year millions resolve to make physical well-being a priority. If you are ashamed about struggling to follow up with your New Year’s fitness resolution don’t be. According to research, nearly 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail altogether. 

Exercise and eating healthier top the list of New Year’s resolutions, but what happens when your motivation starts to wane?

Rolling out shares tips from top fitness experts on maintaining New Year’s resolution fitness goals.

Brittany and Moe Flippen

Britt Flippen, Moe Flippen, Fitness, celebrity trainer
Britt and Moe Flippen, co-owners of Earn Dat Body Fit Campus (Photo credit: Delvin Dickerson)

Co-owners of Earn Dat Body Fit Campus 

Location: New Orleans

IG: Fitwitbritt504 / Moeflippen

Find your motivation and change your mindset. Affirmations are real. Continually speak about what you want to see in yourself. “I will eat healthier, I will lose weight, I will live a healthy lifestyle.” 

Make it fun. Switch up your workouts to add variety to your daily fitness routine. Try pilates, yoga, or boxing when you lose interest in your workout routine. It is mentally and physically important to add diversity.

Jaliyla Tillman

Jaliyla Tillman, fitness, celebrity trainer, workout
Jaliyla Tillman, owner of Mission Slim-Possible Gym (Photo credit: Jaxon Photogroup)

Mission Slim-Possible Gym

Location: Washington, D.C.

Instagram: ijustwant2behealthy 

Facebook: Jaliyla Tillman

Treat your workout like a doctor’s appointment. If you’re supposed to do three workouts a week then physically put all three on your calendar.

Identify the following: What has caused you to fall off track in the past? What excuses have you been making that keep you from improving your health? What constraints do you need to overcome?

Ivory Tabb

Ivory Tabb, NFL, fitness, Health, wellness, celebrity trainer
Ivory Tabb, owner of Tips by Tabb (Photo courtesy of Ivory Tabb)

Tips by Tabb (

Location: Dallas

Instagram: IvoryTabb

Set a goal and look forward to reaching it. These goals could be a class reunion, fitting into old clothes, or playing (wearing a costume) at carnival.

Deny yourself an indulgence and still feel like you’re winning. Take a moment to remove things from your diet that will make it harder for you to reach your goal.

Rodney Wormley

Rodney Wormley, celebrity trainer, personal trainer, fitness, health, wellness
Rodney Wormley, owner of Ferocious Fitness LLC. (Photo credit: Keith Garner)

Ferocious Fitness LLC (

Location: Temple Hills, Maryland

Instagram: FerociouslyFit2

Boost your metabolism. Eat three meals and three snacks a day with portion control. Stay properly hydrated by drinking at least half your body weight.

Stick to a routine. I suggest five days of cardio and three days of weight resistance. Cardio includes running, jumping rope, riding a bike, and other anaerobic exercises. Weight resistance can include bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and sit-ups.

Darren Ross

NFL, celebrity trainer, personal trainer, fitness, reebok, health, wellness
Darren Ross, owner of P 13 Fitness (Photo courtesy of Darren Ross)

Owner, P13 Fitness (

Reebok Sports Club / NY Jets

Location: NYC

Make a plan with short-term goals you can meet and feel good about. Simple and realistic goals will build confidence and motivation to keep going.

Know your limits and work with them not against them. If your current schedule allows for one to two gym days a week, start there.


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