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6 exotic eyelash colors to try in 2023

Black-owned brand Be Wispy is taking colored lashes to the next level
6 exotic eyelash colors to try in 2023
Image source: Instagram – @beautybybb_

For all the fashion and beauty lovers who are looking to refresh their look in the new year, makeup is quick way way to achieve a big change. Some women enjoy adding just a pop of color on the tips of their lashes, while others prefer rocking fully colored or even multi-colored lashes.

Black-owned brand Be Wispy is a popular lash brand that is helping take this trend to new heights. Makeup artist and content creator Bianka, who is known as the “The Editorial Princess” on IG, has been featured in Vogue and built a cult following of devotees who are obsessed with her colored lashes.

Here are six exotic eyelash colors to try for a saucy new year makeup look.

Flower petal lashes 

These flower petals add just the right amount of color while retaining dark lashes at the base. Although, this is a bold look, it can be fun for special occasions or for a fashion photo shoot.

Tri-colored peacock lashes

If you can’t choose a specific color for your lashes, try a blend of three. This green, blue and purple combo will make anyone stand out.

Rainbow lashes

These colorful lashes offer a little bit of everything. If you love to shock people with your makeup and fashion looks, then this is for you. You’ll truly have a unique look in the new year with these eyelashes.

Bottom lid lashes

If you prefer mainly dark lashes but still want to rock some color, then just add colored lashes to your bottom lash line. It’s a great way to make your eyes pop and will also give you a dreamy look.

Blended colored lashes

A blend of two pastel colors will give you a light, dainty look with a bold touch. It may not be your go-to, but you will be sure to turn heads and get compliments.

Frosted lashes

Many people rock white frosted lashes, but these light blue frosted lashes are next-level fashion.

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