8 Black-owned stiletto brands you should know about

High heels for every occasion
8 Black-owned stiletto brands you should know about
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Fashion was not a top concern during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were encouraged to work from home if they could, wear masks, and avoid large gatherings to stem high infection rates. Now with the advent of a vaccine, companies are ending the work from home option, and folks feel free to socialize again — and that means shedding sweatpants and slippers for higher end gear.

USA Today reported at the time, “more time at home [during the pandemic] meant returning our heels and dress shoes to the back of the closet and opting for cozy slippers instead.”

According to Business Insider, the pandemic caused sales of high heels to drop by 65-percent in 2020. Although, sales figures seem to be on the upswing.

“The higher heels have actually recovered a little bit because of the fact that people have events, and they have places to go, and they want to dress up,” Beth Goldstein, footwear industry analyst at NPD Group, told Business Insider.

Here are eight Black-owned stiletto brands to choose from if you’re ready to high-step again.

Arch NYC

This brand is owned by Jazmin Veney, who has worked in marketing for several luxury brands. These high heels are for the fashionistas who are creative and confident.


This Black-owned stiletto brand is known for its marketing campaign, “Ten Shades of Nude.” Now every woman can feel confident finding a nude shoe that matches her skin tone.

Diverse Style

This is another popular brand, especially among pageant girls and beauty queens. Not only is there a variety of shoes in nude, but they have classic black heels and shimmery boots as well.

Becki Coakley

If you prefer a more conservative heel, then this brand is for you. You’ll be able to find a multitude of unique colors and styles like these below.

Chelsea Paris

This brand is a bit more trendy and gives off the vibe of effortless glam. Their shoes have a hint of the 1990s with a new-school twist.

By Dose

If you prefer slip-ons or heels that are less high maintenance, then you’ll love this brand. This is for the fashionista who is also a minimalist.

Aminah Jillil

This heel may be high, but it was made for walking. This Black-owned brand is known for making shoes that make a statement while remaining classic.

Jessica Rich

If you prefer to take glam to the next level, then you’ll enjoy this Black-owned brand. Not only do these heels have great coverage for the ankles, but you’ll leave a lasting impression.

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