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Singer and songwriter JeRonelle opens up about heartbreak in newest song

JeRonelle’s newest song ‘Stuck’ released on Jan. 13
Singer and songwriter JeRonelle opens up about heartbreak in newest song
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Omaha-born and now Los Angeles resident, JeRonelle, is a  singer and songwriter reemerging in the music space with his song “Stuck,” which is a passionate, soulful song that captures the essence of re-establishing a connection with a past love. JeRonelle is showcasing why he is one of the best voices to come out of R&B in some time and is promoting his upcoming EP Regret & Reflect which is set to release during the spring.

How would you describe your song “Stuck?”

It is basically an emotionally charged song about regret and heartbreak, and a lot of those emotions you feel when you realize that you have lost somebody that you love. You’ve lost them to somebody else, they’ve moved on and you’re left with all of the residue from that relationship or romantic situation.

Why are regret and reflect significant themes to you?

When I was first starting out as an artist, I told myself that every project of mine was going to have a one-word title. Like how Adele has all her projects numbered by age, I was going to have my projects be one-word titles, but I couldn’t settle on one word that I felt encapsulated the feeling, vibe and mood of this project. I kept thinking, “What’s the theme here?” I chose regret and looking back at the past year and a half, and the things that maybe I could have done better, not just relationship-wise or dating, but even [the] relationship with myself or my family. That leads to reflection, going to therapy, and reopening old wounds or unpacking different things. It started to make sense to go with that title, as opposed to trying to force just one word to try to encapsulate it, but as soon as I kind of verbalized it, regret and reflect felt like a good title.

How do you feel about the current state of R&B?

You can find a bit of R&B in any genre or there are hints of it in any genre. I think specifically with male R&B, we’ve gotten a bad rep over the last few years for lack of vulnerability, or some people say we’re not being fully transparent with our emotions, or we’re being too toxic. One of the things that I kept in the back of my mind was I want to create music, and particularly with this project, I had a little bit of a chip on my shoulder. I was like, “They’re here saying all this stuff about men and how we’re not singing and what we’re not doing in terms of R&B, so I’m going to prove them wrong. I’m going to show them all of the vulnerability, heart, passion and soul. All of the things that you guys say are missing.” I feel like it’s in this song, and I feel like they’ll get an even greater sense of that throughout this project.

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