Fashion influencer Glamazon Tay reveals the key to her success

The entrepreneur often updates her supporters about her day-to-day life
Fashion influencer Glamazon Tay reveals the key to her success
Photo courtesy of Octavia Outlaw

Glamazon Tay is a fashion designer, influencer, and lifestyle vlogger with a loyal fan base. With a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, she used her sales and marketing skills to open an online boutique called Glamazontay Apparel Studio. From that brand, she created a fashion line called Glamazontay Rodeo Rodeo Collection and another fashion line called the Janet Collection that was featured during 2022 Paris Fashion Week.

Tay is now an influencer who’s partnered with multiple brands like Savage Fenty, Zara, Scent Bird, Fiverr, as well as Amazon. She focuses mostly on vlogging about her life and shared how more is on the way for her fashion brand.

Tay opened up about what makes her content stand out from others.

You wear a lot of hats, what would you say your main title is?

I struggle with this all the time, I think I do so many things, but I would pretty much sum it up and say I’m an entrepreneur, for sure. One of my home girls says she’s a serial entrepreneur. I’m kind of the same thing because I do so much but I can say my favorite is designing.

What is your process when it comes to designing clothes? 

So with me, I love to grab [inspiration] from looking at photos. When I look at photos I can pretty much pull off any type of inspiration. It doesn’t matter the time frame, it doesn’t matter if it’s old or if it’s new, if I like the puffy sleeves from the 1980s I’m going to incorporate that into my design. I’m really big on like prints and stuff, so when I see a print I always have something in my mind. Pretty much with my design aesthetic, I’ll see something and I’ll kind of either see a sleeve or a print and then if I’m there I’ll just build onto it. I’ll do a little sketch out and then after that, I just go to the fabric store, get more inspiration, and then just bring it to life. So, that’s what I’ve done previously. I’m not uniformed like everybody else, I’m kind of all over the place, but the end product looks bomb.

What makes your content stand out from other influencers?

I just like to be authentically myself. I feel like that’s the best way to be and it makes it easier. It makes me fall in love with something and just show up as me. It helps me spiritually and mentally as well as just being myself, so I’ll just pull my camera out, start vlogging, and share my lifestyle, and if I’m going through something I’ll just tell my viewers what I’m going through. I take advice from them as well. I think I just sell an authentic lifestyle of what I naturally go through and I feel like as a social media influencer, a lot of people can relate to me.

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