Georgia pastor at Lionheart Church shares how to find out if someone is the one

Sacrificing this may be the answer couples need
Georgia pastor at Lionheart Church shares how to find out if someone is the one
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Recently, Lionheart Church located in Austell, Ga. posted a video of their lead pastor Otha Turnbough who shared his thoughts on dating, sex, and marriage. He believes when you stop fornicating during the dating stage of a relationship it helps you see more clearly where the relationship is headed.

“If you date a man or a woman for that matter, and you keep sex out of the picture you will both come to a very quick conclusion if you’re supposed to be together. You will. Now the women that follow that rule it was amazing, how quick that man came to a decision. Because a man cannot be with you, he cannot be with a woman, and he’s not getting sex. God designed him that way. And the second reason God designed sex so strong in a man is so it would keep driving him back to his wife. She likes that closeness and he likes the sex. She likes the closeness,” Turnbough shared.

Later Spiritual Word reposted the video to hear from more members of the Christian community. Many people were in agreeance, others believe he was adding his own viewpoint, and others shared what worked for them.

Social media users shared their thoughts under the post.

Best decision I made

“Especially when you are dating for marriage. The best decision I made while dating my husband was to remove sex from the picture. When you decide to do things God’s way, you will be amazed at how much clarity you will have when choosing the right person to spend your life with. It’s not easy, but doable.” Francine Bahati Heslep, Vancouver

He’s saying men don’t desire closeness

“So he’s saying men don’t desire closeness. That’s a lie. I love being close to my woman. Sex isn’t the only thing that produces closeness. I appreciate my woman so much. I’m sure there’s more context to this but this is what drives the narrative that we as men lack depth in relationships. That we only want women for sex, making food, and caring for children. I’m not with that.” Derrick Myers, Jr., Georgia

Married in 90 days

“True! I did it the way God told me. No sex or drinking while dating gave me 20/20 vision. Instructions from God aren’t always easy but worth it. Married in 90 days. Second year anniversary in a few weeks and I wouldn’t change a thing.” Alex Moody, Chicago

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