Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond celebrates the voices of women globally

The global women’s empowerment movement and lifestyle brand will host a concert series in DC

Beverly Bond is a music connoisseur who has broken through gender barriers and inspired other women to pursue careers in music. Her presence has increased diversity and inclusivity in the industry and across social entrepreneurship and entertainment sectors.

She founded Black Girls Rock! to celebrate the accomplishments of Black women who have made significant contributions the culture and community and stand as inspirational and positive role models. Her partnership with BET led to an annual televised awards show highlighting the achievements of Black women.

What was your journey like as you garnered more success as a DJ?
It went from T-shirts to an award show. It took us four years to get there. The process was just one of tunnel vision, and I kept going. I knew that this affirmation was necessary. I knew that it was going to matter. I knew it was going to be a game-changer. I recognized the impact that Black Girls Rock! has had in the world, but I also saw it before it happened. My career as a model and a DJ has certainly [colored] my lens.

What can you share with young women about courage?
Courage gives you permission to be without question or without having to ask for permission. I think that we, as a community, should also remember to be the adults in their lives and help them as they move forward because sometimes, you know, we’ve all been in spaces where we didn’t know all that we thought we knew right, and sometimes needed guidance. Also, make sure that they understand that steps must be taken for you to get to your next best self. It’s not magic, and it’s not automatic. You’ve got to do the work on yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically to grow into the person, you were meant to become.

What are your hopes for the future of Black women? 
I want Black girls to win. I want them to feel okay. I want them to feel complete and know they are worthy of anything they can dream of. That’s what I want for all black women. I wish this for Black women because it’s been denied to us for so long. So that’s where the impact of Black Girls Rock has been.

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