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How social media personality Theo Wisseh changed his life with a cellphone

The comedian recently spoke to ‘rolling out’ about his come up

Like many of his peers, Theo Wisseh has changed his life thanks to the Internet and his cell phone. The social media personality brings his personality to public view in every post he makes.


When someone takes your parking spot😂😂 @hueyking_

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Recently, Wisseh spoke to rolling out about his career and tips he has for aspiring content creators.

How has it been for you to make that transition from social media to acting?

Man, I’m really just now getting into it. I’m just now getting into acting classes and stuff like that. I’m just now really stepping into that world. Obviously, nothing comes easy. And if it’s easy, I don’t want it. On one hand, it’s a challenge, but I love it. It’s a challenge, but I love it.

How have the past couple of years been for you coming up on social media?

It’s been amazing. It’s been the best time of my life and I feel like it’s only going to get better. Obviously, God is good and I’m grateful.

What are three tips for anyone who wants to do social media?

Be ready for criticism, you have to be consistent and put yourself in an environment where you can express yourself fully without any restrictions.

What are some fashion tips you can give to men?

The colors don’t match, but they correspond.

The colors have to correspond, so you must have something on you that corresponds.

Another thing is to make sure your fit is right. You can’t be looking goofy. You have to make sure it fits right. I’m not a fashion icon or anything like that … but I put it on a little bit.

Really, go with your own style. Not everybody can rock anything. I’m wearing this right now because I feel like this matches me and matches my look. I have a look I’m going for. Make sure you stay in your lane when it comes to dressing. That’s really it for me.

Earlier you mentioned having the right people around you has been a key to your success. Why do you need a good community?

I would say community is the only reason why I got here. Without having the people I had around me, and the environment where everyone was doing the same thing and being creative in the same way, I feel like that was a major part of my success.

One of the most important things about coming up in any field is having people around you that do the same thing.

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