Why Nephew Tommy wants to leave 3 hotels for his kids

The comedian says he sees the big picture of his career

Thomas Miles, better known as Nephew Tommy, understands the bigger picture for his career. The co-host of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” the said he understands the value of the work-life balance.

Recently, while promoting the upcoming Lifetime film, Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story, Miles spoke to rolling out about his perspective on life and his career.

What is the premise of the movie and what character are you playing?

His name is Gabe, and this is about a mother who has a successful bakery. It’s a reality show tied within it, and she has a son named Gabe, who is going in the wrong direction. He’s been very helpful in getting this reality show, and he just wants so much more. He wants more than his share of what his mother has created, and it turns into pride.

What do you think is an important life lesson people can learn from this movie?

We all have family members that are going through some struggles and going through some things, and we overlook it. … We try to act like it’s not there, but it’s the elephant in the room. We just go about our lives and act like it’s not happening, but they’re dealing with it.

Some people can deal with things over and over, and we do not realize that it’s a time bomb that’s going to explode sooner or later, but if we step in as family members and have these tough conversations, we may be able to stop a time bomb. We may be able to stop someone from losing it and going completely off.

What do you want to leave for your kids?

If it’s up to me and their mama, we’re going to leave all three of them with a hotel of their own. Everyone gets their hote;, we’re trying to create generational wealth, but we also want to leave them with wisdom and knowledge. My father left me a mental toolbox. So no matter what happens, I got this toolbox and I’m always able to fix whatever is wrong. Whatever the problem is, my children have that mental toolbox. You have to be able to open up that box, so when a problem arises, your daddy taught you how to fix it and handle the situation. A mental toolbox. You have to have it. Can’t live without it.

What advice do you have for people who want to develop multiple streams of income?

I’m always big on multiple streams. I’ve been blessed enough to be on the radio, I have a TV show, I do stand-up comedy across the country, with my prank phone calls, I get a YouTube check every month, but I’m always showing different entertainers you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket … my wife and I just bought in on a Hilton in Oxnard, California. My objective is, let’s buy in on three or four more. That’s why I say I want to leave each of the kids with a hotel.

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