Rapper Amy Luciani encourages women to have their own ‘bag’ outside of a man

Her song ‘Bag Lady’ teaches women to be independent and have self-love

Amy Luciani is an independent artist, TV personality, author, and community leader originally from Detroit who is living out her dreams in Atlanta. Known for writing all of her own music and lyrics, she takes pride in staying authentic in her message.

With women in rap dominating the music industry, Luciani had an storng opinion on some of the songs that are currently mainstream.

Luciani shared with rolling out the importance of dating yourself, how to provide for one’s self outside of a relationship, and how her new single will teach other women to do the same.

As an artist did you ever go through a period of dating yourself? If so, what did that look like?

I did go through a period, I’m still going through a period of dating myself coming out of a relationship for so many years. I realized a lot of relationships have to do with you knowing what you want and I thought for a long time I knew what I wanted. Then I realized I never really had time to figure out what does the grown woman Amy want. So I’m in a period right now of really figuring out what I want and this season is not including dating. I feel like I’m on a lot of catch-up time. What Amy wants right now is to work on her business, and her music career, and just really have fun. I’m in a fun stage right now, and anyone who comes along and tries to take away from my fun isn’t going to make the cut.

What are your thoughts on the current music that’s being pushed out by women in rap?

My only take on the music is when are we gonna graduate from that? So, we’re going to continue to talk about, “take his bag, sis.” If we’re going to talk about that, what did you do with the bag? So, you took it off, you allegedly are now this boss, you bought the Rollie, and you bought everything else. What are you doing with it? So, I feel like that’s where I come into place as an artist. So, I don’t call the music toxic but if you’re an artist, and every month, the music is staying at the same level, you are part of the toxic culture. Because what you should be saying as a boss is, “This is where I started and this is where I’m going,” and I think that gives us a wider spread of music to listen to.

What do you want women to take away from your song “Bag Lady?”

So, my single “Bag Lady” is definitely a song that I know, not even just for women, but that the culture and the industry really need right now. It’s a song that is empowering and it’s liberating. It is not just saying you’re destitute and you’re begging, It’s the bag lady, they’re wondering how I’m doing this. So we’re not saying like, he gave it to me, or she gave it to me; I’m doing it and they want to know how you get to the bag. So, I feel like for the women who are on a down season or not getting to the bag, I think that when they hear the song they’ll be like, “No, wait a minute, okay. She is kind of giving us the game on how she did it.”

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