Marie Burgos shares love for interior decorating and designing furniture

As a family business, they enjoy infusing the furniture with pieces of their French Caribbean culture

French Caribbean descendant, Marie Burgos, is an interior decorator and furniture designer who draws inspiration from the beautiful island of Martinique. Born and raised in Paris, Burgos has always appreciated the unique elements of the city. She and her husband now own a furniture company called Marie Burgos Design & Collection which has become a trusted brand for homes and businesses.

Burgos opened up about her lifestyle as an interior designer turned furniture designer, and what inspires her creations.

What inspired you to become an interior decorator and furniture designer?

So, I was exposed from a very early age to beautiful architecture, the Haussmann architecture buildings, the clean lines, and everything that Paris has to offer. But at the same time, I have this beautiful background of the islands with all these colors, these fruits, and flowers. So, I’m very sensitive also to color, shapes, and things of nature. So, I started my firm 15 years ago and it’s been an exciting journey because that wasn’t my first profession. Since that, I’ve traveled throughout the states, because I currently have projects in different states from New York to Florida, and California. So, I’ve been a bi-coastal designer for quite a few years now and this is a family business. So, we have the opportunity to not only create, [but] share our creations with the public. Whether there are the designers, architects, or clients who buy for their homes. We curate beautiful pieces that we create in collaboration with other manufacturers that are European. So, that’s about it.

Who is your audience mostly made up of?

Mostly we work with families. So, it’s really about creating homes for people that have big homes in L.A., and we also have clients that have businesses. So, we do their offices, then we get to do their homes, whether they live in New York, in Florida, or the Hamptons. So, we have projects that are a little bit spread out and we have a lot of repeat clients. So, clients who hire us for their homes in New York. then they have a West Hampton home, or a Florida home. We have clients who come from a different state, and they buy [property] in New York. So, it’s been a pleasure seeing how we’ve made those relationships with clients for many years. We have clients that date back from 10 years ago and they are on their third home.

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