Jewel Tankard is teaching women how to build wealth

The economist shared how she built the Millionairess Club

Jewel Tankard is an entrepreneur and economist who is also known as the Queen of Crypto. As a former TV personality and the wife of gospel jazz legend Ben Tankard, Jewel found a way to make additional streams of income.

Tankard shared with rolling out a few of the basics of finance and cryptocurrency, and what she teaches in her Millionaireress Club.

When it comes to finance, what are some of the basic things that people should know?

I think just realize that everything is changing. Everything is changing, and money is changing. So, I think you just have to acknowledge [that] first money is changing. You have to get [together] with people that understand how money is moving [and] where it’s changing because money never leaves the earth and never evaporates. It’s always transferred. S,o if somebody is losing it, there’s also somebody profiting. So, I think that there has to be a realization that money is changing.

What do you teach women in your Millionaireress Club? 

I’m just getting them to be aware that they have a financial instinct. If they decide that they want to make an investment or make a purchase and their husband or boyfriend decides that he doesn’t want to, respect his, “No,” but then respect your yes. The more you trust that the more you’re going to end up being in a position of wealth because I want everybody to be independently wealthy and independently wealthy of their spouse.

If you have your own money, then you can make your own decisions. As long as you don’t have your own money, you’re always gonna be waiting for somebody else to see your vision. I want everybody to have their own independent wealth man or woman. I think it is super important and I think when you don’t do it, there’s a part of you that dies. I think there’s something God put in us to dominate and take over. When we have our own, it’s just a lot of freedom.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, where do people start?

I’m glad you asked that question because I know a lot of our people felt like Bitcoin was a scam. Some scams happen in crypto just like they’re scams in the medical industry or any other industry, but crypto is a real thing. My focus for our people is to focus on Bitcoin, which is like the granddaddy. It’s the first cryptocurrency that came out and then there are a lot of other, what we call, alternative coins. But Bitcoin is where people really need to put their focus and Aetherium.

If I wanted to take a million dollars from here to Australia, then I would have to put it in a briefcase because it’s paper but if I wanted to take a million dollars of Bitcoin from here to Australia, customs or no one else would ever know. Everything is on my cell phone and it looks like a barcode. I can spend it, I can actually connect it to a Visa card, and swipe it to go buy whatever I would normally buy with Visa. So, Bitcoin is just simply digital currency, digital money, [and] it cannot be manipulated. I recommend everybody to start saving it because you’ll be able to use it to buy cars, buy houses, you can use it to buy anything that you want in the world.

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