How Justin Kase went from radio to rehab to celebrity photographer

Here’s the full story of the man who has a documentary on the way

Justin Kase has a story he wants to share with the entire world. The Atlanta-based photographer’s path to celebrity photography hasn’t been a linear one, as he’s gone from addiction to recovery, to red carpets, mixing and mingling with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Kase ran down his path to fame with rolling out recently.

What did it take to become a professional photographer?

I was on radio off and on for 16 years. It was fun. I met a lot of people, [and made] a lot of connections over the 16 years, and after a while, radio kind of just got tired.

I was in a relationship, so I wasn’t focused on [radio] like I should have been. I moved to Atlanta, and I’m like, “I’m done with this relationship.” My friend La’Tasha Givens from 11 Alive News was like, “Come out to the red carpet.” I came out to the red carpet, and three years later, here I am.

What is your advice to young professionals trying to balance relationships with work?

Spend a lot of time with them. I’d give it at least a year. Have sex with them, see how they move and move in with them, too. When you move in with them, everything changes. You have to test them out. It’s like a car, if you don’t like it, move on to the next one. I’m sorry, but that’s just what it is.

What was your rock bottom moment?

I wouldn’t say I had a rock bottom in photography, but I did it when I was in my last relationship. It led me to substance abuse. I got into photography because I was once asked how I can stay clean every day or how do you not wake up and not want to sniff some powder. [Someone told me], “You got to find a hobby.” Like 20 minutes later, I’m getting ready to leave and go back to the house at rehab, then I saw Zaytoven’s manager and he was like, “I’m selling a camera.” I bought it.

So, you bought the camera from Zaytoven’s manager?

Yeah. Shout-out to him because if it weren’t for that camera, I’d probably still be high.

You’re currently shooting a documentary, what’s it about?

It’s called From Rehab to the Red Carpet. It pretty much covers everything we do in civil rights as well because I shoot with the NAACP, and to get out there means a lot to me … because we need a whole lot more justice, unity and things of that nature, especially when it comes to police brutality. How do you shoot somebody in the back four times and run away from them? How is that a threat? Give them a slap on the wrist or some bulls—. So, we included that in there as well because it means a lot to me.

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That’s my lil brother from another mother. Dude made one hell of. Turn around!!!
Love ya Justin

Wow!! Real fight of success and glad u achieve

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