Chrisean Rock says she’s not excited to be pregnant anymore

Chrisean Rock went on Instagram to express her feelings
Chrisean Rock says she’s not excited to be pregnant anymore
Chrisean Rock (Image source: Instagram – @chriseanrock)

Chrisean Rock doesn’t seem to be happy about being pregnant.

Rock, who is expecting a child with Blueface, recently went on Instagram Live and shared her discouraging thoughts surrounding motherhood, saying that it’s “exhausting” being pregnant.

Users on Instagram were in Rock’s comments asking her when she was due, and other things related to her pregnancy.

“I wish I wasn’t pregnant,” Rock said. “I was excited at first, but now it’s like, it’s exhausting. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m probably not in the mood for none of the baby traditions and s—.”

Earlier this month, Rock appeared to be excited about the future, after tweeting a message to her baby.

In March 2023, Rock caught heat for being caught smoking while she was pregnant, and Blueface defended her saying “Lots of women smoke weed until their last trimester there’s no effect don’t shoot the messenger.”

The couple has come a long way after Blueface initially denied being the father of the child.

“Before she announces…she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine,” Blueface tweeted. “Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year until I see DNA test then it’s not mine.”

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God help that baby

Poor babies…all 3!!!

You might think therese no effect luse to keep my husband sister baby he never would keep especially what baby you know 2 months old it’s 10 now it’s 2 pm now it’s 9 am yes it was the weed I had the nerve to keep him for awhole week think I have patience!!!! Iam just saying to ea its own but I know for a fact her baby was sick from her smoking just think about it he has behavior problems now till this day she goes through a lot no one wants to keep him his hand problem are ridiculous

I was going to say by the way this text looks like you’ve been smoking weed before you wrote it lol Very hard to understand


Sorry it’s supposed to say I use to keep my husband sister baby the baby would never go to sleep yes each baby is different but her baby had it bad I swear the baby was up around the clock it’s not to late to stop

I don’t think it was the weed. My sisters child has a lot of issues and she never smoked. Every child is different. My OBgyn told me it was ok just not so much in the 3rd trimester.

Told you that? Doctor Dolittle

And your no better🤨 so STOP!!!
The truth of the matter is a baby is not going to fix a dysfunctional on again off again Community property relationship and for God sake both you’ll do something different So you don’t create a mentally unconscious starving human being like yourselves 🧟‍♂️👶🏽🧟
And really it’s not shade 🤷🏾‍♀️

You Got this ROCK you’ll be a great Mother hang in there sweetheart ❤️ 😘

Yes u gonna be just fine a lot of us moms were the same way 💋❤️

I think it would change her a lot better being more mature focusing on herself and her baby stack her money for hard time .when blue face is nowhere around .because there will be a day where it’s gonna happen .Rock please be smart stack your money for hard time. Ther r so many famous artist talking that Would love to have you up under their wing you can do better (bless)

You need to stop smoking they will take your baby if weed is in the baby system just stop while your pregnant to give your baby the best chance at being healthy mentally and physically

Birth control is free Chrisean

He’s not the man for you

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