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Chris Hill breaks down the 4 body types and how each loses weight

The personal trainer shares expertise in his e-book, ‘5 Tips To Kickstart Health Habits’

Chris Hill is a trainer, fitness coach and author who specializes in personalizing workout sessions for each client’s needs. In addition to teaching them new workout techniques, he also gives them a meal plan to follow.

Hill broke down how each body type loses weight, how to overcome being “gym shy,” and shared advice from his book, 5 Tips To Kickstart Health Habits.

Is it true that there’s specific terminology for different body types and each loses weight in certain areas? 

Correct. So, you have different body types, like mesomorph or endomorph. So, you might have somebody that gained weight in their mid-section, or you might have somebody that gained weight in their legs, it just kind of depends. So, for example, if you’re 200 pounds, just because you might be curvy [with a] flat stomach, that doesn’t mean the next person is gonna look like that at 200 pounds. Our weight goes [to] different places — some of us are naturally blessed and don’t have to do too much and some of us have to put in the work.

What advice do you have for people who are gym shy and would rather work out at home? 

Being gym shy is perfectly fine. I’m a shy type of person myself and even with me [loving] the gym and going to the gym, it’s still tough. [Sometimes] I may go into the gym and [feel] like everybody is looking at me and I’m like, “Why is everybody looking at me?” But I definitely have clients like that. So, for clients like that, we do [a] virtual service. [Also], just know that you can still get some results at home. There are a lot of exercises you can do at home that you can do in the gym. I mean they’re the same things, [it’s] just a different way to do [it]. [There is] always more than one way to do something. So, don’t let your being “gym shy,” push you away from working out. As I said, you might just have to build up that courage. I think one of the things is just knowing that whenever you go into the gym, [everybody] is there for the same reason.

Tell us what readers can expect from your book, 5 Tips To Kickstart Health Habits.

So, I got pushed to write a book, [but] never thought I could do a book. It’s a book that I dropped a couple of months ago and it’s just giving you five great tips on being healthy. In the book, I talk [a lot] about the mental [portion], water, different exercises, how to train your body, [and] giving yourself grace and mercy as I talked about earlier. I just kind of give you five good nuggets and valid tips for the gym to help you get into your fitness journey and to help you become a better you.

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