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Esthetician Jasmine Lewis shares benefits of rose water in skin care products

The entrepreneur shares the research that she conducted over the years

Jasmine Lewis is an esthetician and the owner of Vie Beauty who specializes in both eyelash extensions and skin care products. Her beauty product-line 30Roses is a rose water-based brand that is known for hydration, retaining balance and skin restoration.

Lewis opened up about her journey in the beauty industry, what inspired her to create her skin care products, and advice for up-and-coming beauty entrepreneurs.

When did you know that this beauty brand was the right path for you? 

I was actually a pre-med student in college. Going back to my childhood again, I took care of my grandmother, [because] she was battling breast cancer at the time. So, my cousin and I were kind of like her caregivers. We didn’t know that was determined. But I saw directly the impact breast cancer and all the medications had on her skin.

Throughout the years I have [also] done some work at Atlanta Mission. I volunteered and taught there,  and I learned that a lot of women do not know the basics of skincare. They were using Dial soap on their faces, lotion on their faces, and not realizing there are moisturizers, cleansers, and everything like that. They just didn’t know the basics. I wanted to kind of step in and bridge that gap. Over time I was just like, “This feels great. This is bringing me joy, and it’s making an impact, even though it is a small impact creating a larger impact.” So, that is where I got started.

What research went into making your skin care product 30Roses?

I’ve always used rosewater with my clients starting from the beginning. One of the ways that I prep for lash extensions is I wipe their eyes with rosewater and remove any oil or anything that may be on the skin. It’s just something that I’ve always done as part of the experience, and to prepare for my work. Unconsciously, I was doing consumer testing, [basically] research and didn’t even realize it. From 2014, all the way up until 2023 I’ve kind of seen if somebody’s sensitive or if their skin is going to react [and] normally the eye area is really sensitive. I normally wipe the whole entire orbital area, and I’ve always received great feedback. For me, it was like, “OK, this is a product that is not hard for a barrier of entry, is not that difficult to use within your current routine, and hydration is always going to be key to beautiful, healthy skin.” So, if you can add that first layer of hydration and just feel from there, then you can start to build people’s comfort level by actually having a consistent routine.

What advice do you have for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?

I always say to find your niche and what you’re good at. So, like with me right now I’m more [accustomed to] natural lashes, and I’m all about skin first. Other people may like a dramatic lash and want to look like they are always going out somewhere, but my [niche] is more natural. I stay in that lane, and I know what my clients want.

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