Nathalie Nicole shares her branding process for entrepreneurs

As an influencer, she helps women learn how to market their businesses

Nathalie Nicole is a branding coach, entrepreneur, and influencer who owns two companies called NN Body and Women Who Boss Network. Through these brands, she helps women feel beautiful and educates them on entrepreneurship. Her goal is to help women understand the best way to market and set up their brand values.

Nicole shared with rolling out a few of the ways she brands herself and how she helps other women do the same.

When it comes to being a brand coach what industries do work with?

I work with aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, … I also work with women primarily. I show them how to increase their belief levels, and how to understand their brand is big, even if they don’t see their brand as big. I work with people that want to believe bigger and they want their brands to be bigger. Now I also work with a lot of women that want to build solid relationships. I think as adults, sometimes having solid relationships and sister brands is challenging. The premise of the Women Who Boss Network is to create an environment where people can feel good while they’re growing.

How do your values play a role in your branding?

As you’re operating as a brand, you have to know what your core values are, which is super important. My values have changed. I’m going to be honest, at one point I was like, “Oh, you have to grind, you have to make money.” [Now] my values are peace, joy, love, and abundance. I believe I deserve abundance, happiness, and being able to be faithful during the process. As I incorporate those values into my life, that’s when I start to see a lot of changes happen in my life. It gives me the ability to sit back and sometimes evaluate. Staying in my values allowed me to have a balance.

How do you measure success when it comes to branding?

I always measure my goals through my reality. For example, I used to be the girl that writes down all the things I want to do for the day and get five things done. I said, “Okay, this is not working for me because it’s making me feel like I’m a failure.” I [now] use Apple Notes. My week starts on Sundays. For this week I have the 23rd and the 29th in my notepad, so what do I need to do? It can be simple as I pledge accountability. That’s how I’ve been able to get through my life recently, just being able to have that routine, and being able to be accountable for things I’m saying with my goals. Last, but not least, you have short-term goals, you have long-term goals. Your long-term goals really can’t be worked on every day, you’ll be too far in the moon. You have to ask yourself “What is important right now? What do you need to do right now to be able to execute, win, and move the needle?

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I really enjoyed this interview. Chelsea thank you 🤎

I would potentially be interested in using this as a press release, but because it does not say ‘press release’ on it, I would not feel confident in putting it in our newspaper

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