OVO Sound artist Roy Woods reinvented himself for his 2nd EP ‘Mixed Emotions’

Roy Woods is back and better

Roy Woods is an artist, musician and entertainer from Toronto. He is signed to the world-renowned OVO Sound label founded by Drake. Having been signed in 2015, Woods has made a number of hit songs and is becoming a superstar in his own right. With a growing streaming presence, Woods is on pace to drop a highly anticipated second studio album Mixed Emotions, and is working continuously on his craft to give his fans high-quality music he feels is worthy of sharing.

How were you able to reinvent yourself over these past years?

I had to rethink what and who I wanted to be. I had to tell myself that I haven’t written about the real me for so long. It’s always been about Roy the artist. I had to stop myself. I stopped partying, doing drugs, and dealing with girls so much. I started to slowly trickle away from all these little habits that have developed over the years and just focus on myself. I restructured my team, I cut people off as a business, and then I started planting and gardening. I was trying to figure out things that were healing for me instead of always having these bad habits. There was so much self-growth that I had to do and I had to stay away and step away, and realize that I’m a human, I’m not a robot. I have to go live life a little bit, and I have to learn how to love again.

What message are you trying to get out to the audience with your music?

I’ve been working with so many artists and getting different opinions. I’ve been shaping myself to make sure my pen is immaculate, so anything I write is based on experience. I’m always reflecting on my life and what I see and what I’m around. I want to get that through [in] the first bar because the first bar always matters. I’m always trying to get the rawest feelings and most authentic s— out in the best way possible. I could be talking about relationships, my family, something in the streets, or my whole life. I’ll go back and find that trauma and I’ll bring it up from stuff from years ago that I dug down and don’t even try to think about. It ranges from whatever the feeling is because I want to get it out.

What can we expect from your upcoming project Mixed Emotions?

I’m transforming from the old Roy to the new Roy, but it’s still so much old Roy in there. This album is a little transition of that. I’m leaving my youth and entering into adulthood, this was what this album is about for me. This is me. I’m not changing or switching from anything. From the music I made from then until now, I haven’t changed anything. All I did was just speak my pain and life in ways that I feel like I can express myself.

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