White LA news anchor fired for calling Black co-anchor slur on hot mic

The long-time anchor has been scrubbed from the station’s site
White LA news anchor fired for calling Black co-anchor slur on hot mic
Ken Rosato (Image source: Facebook – Ken Rosato)

A White Los Angeles news anchor has been fired after criticizing a Black co-worker on the air. Former ABC7 News anchor Ken Rosato was caught on a hot microphone calling Shirleen Allicot a “c—.”

When Allicot was preparing to go on maternity leave in 2019, Rosato gifted her with a bouquet of flowers.

What a wonderful last day before maternity leave to share with my beautiful colleagues. They are too good to me, every…

Posted by Shirleen Allicot on Friday, July 5, 2019

Rosato also brought Allicot flowers on set on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

“Who buys flowers for every woman he works with on the morning show, and I mean every woman???” Allicot wrote on Facebook. “Ken Rosato, that’s who! He helped make our day a little sweeter, especially for those of us who might be single, or don’t celebrate, and not expecting anything.”

Rosato started at the station as a freelance reporter in 2003 before being promoted to an anchor, Page Six reported. His biography has been scrubbed from the station’s website.

Rosato’s representatives told Page Six he wasn’t dismissed from the company for making a racial remark about Allicot.

“Being fired for any racial slur is 100 percent inaccurate and untrue,” the rep reportedly said. “Ken Rosato had a benchmark of 20 years at WABC of supporting all equality.”

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If it’s in them they can’t hide it forever.Im not surprised ,rascism white supremacy is the thread that holds Amerika together .Its a world government .

Why do you remain then?

Because it’s her right. Dump white cunt

Because I was born and raised in this country.

Up yours, creep

If you are a racist and don’t like other people who are not your equal, you should go to a country or origin that will satisfy you and your kind

Racism is when you think people of a different race or creed are beneath you. You sound racist with your statement.

He isn’t White. Look at his name. This one is between the Blacks and the Brownies. YAWN.

Really? On what color wheel is he be brown? He has leprosy which means he lack pigment! She would be the brownies!

Journalism at it’s best right here… When you can’t even do enough research to get the information remotely correct… Why would an LA news anchor have a New York backdrop in their studio? Oh right, a simple Google search and bam! New York news reporter Ken Rosato… Oh and not sure what race has to do with any of this.. since C*nt is pretty much an international word. Guess you needed the clicks huh? It’s this bullshit that will continually keep everyone at odds.

This is not bs. That word is unacceptable in any country. His firing was correct. Like so many men, he is just one of many who is not interested in respecting a black woman. This was something nasty. Everyone should take note. If it is not a word you would like to hear someone use in relation to your mom or other female family members, it is a problem.

Oh dear, everyone’s feelings are hurt over nothing. People use “cunt” on a daily basis as well as the b..ch word, the n word, and every other so-called derogatory word. Please, everybody get a bloody life already. I’m a black woman and can care less about any of this man created foolishness.

Was it c#@t or the racist word coon?

C#@t and wrong

It has nothing to do with race. Stop the black thing. Yes I’m black. That word good be addressed at any race. Stop with the race catd

You just don’t realize how stupid you sound.

Juan Serrano, you’re black???😂

Why are white people offended by the words cunt for white woman, pussy for white men?

Good morning All,
The C word is not racial however does offend all women and I agree with the firing of him!

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