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Res Ipsa provides fine, eclectic fashion for eye-catching looks

Joshua Moore and Odini Gogo cultivate their appreciation for unique, quality offerings in their brick-and-mortar resort locations and online
Res Ipsa provides fine, eclectic fashion for eye-catching looks
Odini Gogo (l) and Joshua Moore (r) founders of Res Ipsa; photo credit Pablo Jimenez

Res Ipsa or res ipsa loquitur, is Latin “the thing speaks for itself” — that is exactly what Joshua Moore and Odini Gogo strived for when Res Ipsa was founded in 2013.  The two shared a love for fashion as attorneys in Atlanta and have established a niche in retail offering one-of-kind kilim loafers, garments made from repurposed fabrics; with nine stores in mostly resort locations, it is a herculean feat for a label that was established to sell ties.

Rolling out spoke to Moore about the brand.

What was the genesis for Res Ipsa?
We have had similar legal career arcs, in that we both worked in large law firms and large corporate law departments. One thing that we both experienced in common was that for people who can afford to dress well, lawyers seldom do. The catalyst for the brand was not being able to find a 3-inch-wide necktie, which we consider the happy medium between hipster and get-off-my-lawn.

When did you shift from ties to other items?
The short answer is the universe. We read The Alchemist together and we were very conscious of how certain things that may seem like a coincidence are really the universe trying to tell us something. We had taken a trip to Istanbul and while we were in a store near the Blue Mosque the person working in it asked us where we were from. When we told him Atlanta, he opened his wallet and pulled out a Georgia driver’s license! His family manufactures shoes and bags. There are no coincidences.

What went into how you decided on locations for your brick-and-mortar sites?
We like to open stores in places that we like to be. We have stores in Nantucket, Aspen, Malibu, Vail, Los Angeles, and New York. We have an atelier in Marrakesh. And we’re in the process of opening a store in Paris.

What areas or countries do you buy from to showcase in your shops?
We manufacture all our own products. Most of our production is done in our own atelier in Marrakesh. We do some production in Los Angeles as well.

How would you describe your personal style?
Grandpa chic. Cardigans, patches, loafers.

Do you like or follow trends in fashion?
We don’t like trends. We like to make a distinction between fashion and style. Fashion is what other people think is cool, which changes frequently. Style is what you think is cool, which may evolve but does not follow trends. However, the increasing awareness in the industry of zero-waste production is a trend that will hopefully become permanent.

What advice do you give your clients who want to take a chance on fashion?
Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whether you think you can or cannot wear something, you are right. The key is to decide you are a person who can wear the clothes you’re wearing, and then forget about it.

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