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Visual artist Alexandria Richbourg shares how The Creative Brunch is next level

The event will feature visual artists, live performances, vendors, and chef tastings

Alexandria Richbourg is an entrepreneur, visual artist, and communication specialist for The Creative Brunch who is mostly known for her hyper-realistic paintings of people.

She rediscovered her passion for drawing and painting during the pandemic when she stepped away from her usual business and work routine. Since then, she has made art a full-time career with her company Alexandria R. Artistry.

Through The Creative Brunch, which was Founded by Sade McMullen, Richbourg has helped create a space for other artists to showcase their talent and work. The event will be held on May 21, 2023, at Underground Atlanta.

Richbourg talked about her creative process and how The Creative Brunch is positively impacting the art community.

Share your design process.

Painting realism. I got inspired to do that early on. Just plain and simple I like what’s real … I think there’s beauty in realism. A lot of artists you’ll see do a lot of abstracts, and while that’s cool to do, right now, I think I’m focusing on the things that I can see.

My process is like a lot of other artists … I have to just live life. I’m inspired by the people around me, the things that I’m doing, and the phases and chapters that I’m in. I try to recreate that on canvas. I also try to tap into, as of recently… what are they saying these days? … Core memory unlocked! I keep saying that. All of a sudden the more I dive into my creative process, I’m starting to remember things from my childhood that I feel are important in my journey and my artistry.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I have moments where I’m very emotional. I have moments where I just need to release this energy. I’m being inspired by whatever’s going on in my life. Recently, I just did the Rush Hour Festival’s first group artists exhibition, curated by Andrew Blooms. Through that process, I learned that I was inspired by the people around me like my family and the chapter that I’m in. This self-growth period, this healing period is inspiring for me. I hope that I can create work that
people can relate to. I know that we all have similar journeys.

What can people expect from The Creative Brunch event?

The Creative Brunch is an event where we’re going to have multiple creatives in one space. We’re going to have vendors, live performances, and we’re adding on the culinary aspect by having chef tastings. It’s going to be a really dope event. I’m excited to see the artists that are coming out and I’m excited to see the young entrepreneurs doing their thing. That is why it was created, for people to have a space to showcase their work … and to give us a place where people can create and have some fun.

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