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Daylan Gideon celebrates new album with luxury in Atlanta

The 27-year-old rapper adds to his collection of luxury

Daylan Gideon has returned to the music scene as a living example of what luxury in hip-hop looks like. The rapper from Cobb County, Georgia, walked into Full Circle Atlanta on May 11 wearing a stunning vintage sweater, shorts, two gold chains and fresh braids with a lineup. The artist has emphasized how important appearance and fashion are to him, which he also mentions in “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.” As Gideon and his friends held a toast for the release of his latest album, TALKING LIKE IT’S ME AND YOU.

“There were a whole lot of emotions I was going through, I ain’t even going to hold n—-, you feel me?” Gideon told the crowd at his listening party. “There were times when I was making this album where I was sad, I was depressed. I was feeling tried by b— a– n—-. I had lost my girl at the time, so I was going through a lot of different s—. So, take this album right here as two best friends venting.”

The project is filled with 14 tracks of short songs over soul sample flips and sounds of luxury, staying true to his “PACINO KNOWS” branding. Gideon’s music puts you in an immediate mood listening to Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs or Rick Ross would put you in. His producers create the same feeling The Alchemist does. The difference in Gideon’s music and the aforementioned artists, however, is he’s rapping exclusively about his lifestyle and life story as opposed to the mob-mentality violence in lyrics that are typically used over those samples. He even specifically denounces violence on “SIMONE BILES,” which features BassRob and Ro. J.

“I really wanted to make something that reflected me as a 27 year old and told my story,” Gideon told rolling out.

Gideon’s flows over the instrumentals are simplistic, which is all that’s needed in a space where artists can overthink the process. He’s in pocket every track, and his career has taken a hard turn from the trap-sound lane he was in on past tracks with fellow trend-setting Atlanta artists like KEY!, SwaVay and Lil Yachty.

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