TMI? Adele reveals Las Vegas residency has given her severe ‘jock itch’

Adele is among a group of artists who routinely share info about themselves that most of us would consider very embarrassing
TMI? Adele reveals Las Vegas residency has given her severe 'jock itch'
Photo credit: Splash News/ Adele

For reasons unbeknownst to us, global singing superstar Adele told the capacity crowd at her Las Vegas residency that she has developed an acute case of “crude” fungal infection in the jock area as a result of her fashion choices.

In other words, Adele has a bad case of “jock itch” due to wearing Spanx underneath her outfits every night during her “Weekends With Adele” Vegas Residency at the Colosseum.

Adele’s impromptu and unsolicited confessional sort of crystallizes an era where entertainers have no compunction about detailing the most intimate, and even stomach-churning, information about themselves.

“Me and my team were talking about it earlier. Obviously, when I do my shows I wear Spanx to keep it all in and make it all fit me,” Adele during the show, according to the New York Daily News. “And I sweat a lot and it doesn’t go anywhere. So basically I just sit in my own sweat. And my doctor gave me jock itch [cream].”

The Mayo Clinic defines jock itch, or the more technical term tinea cruris, as a fungal infection that typically occurs in moist areas such as the groin, buttocks and inner thighs. High-level athletes and people who sweat profusely are famous for developing this condition.

Adele seemed unabashed as she shared this bit of TMI (too much information) with her audience. “It is a bit crude, but I never knew it existed,”

The girlfriend of Lebron James’ sports agent Rich Paul, who owns Klutch Sports, has always been candid about the ebbs and flows of her personal, professional, and physical life. She admitted that she sometimes “waddles” on stage due to chronic back problems stemming from sciatica, a compression of the vertebrae.

Adele is scheduled to perform 34 shows that will comprise the second leg of her residency which runs from June through the beginning of November.

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