What Black men said they love about Black women at 2023 Essence Festival

This year’s attendees expressed their admiration and appreciation

The 2023 Essence Festival of Culture was focused on uplifting and celebrating Black women from all walks of life.

Many men were also in attendance to show their support of Black women.

Prominent figures such as Quinta Brunson, Oprah, Kamala Harris, Missy Elliott, Coco Jones, Tabitha Brown, Tems, and many more were either honored or shared their expertise.

This year Essence made it clear that they would challenge the status quo and showcase the “full spectrum of Blackness.”

Here is what Black men said they love about Black women and how they honor them in their everyday lives.

What do you love about Black women?

I love their resilience 

“What I love most about Black women is their resilience, their power, their courage, and their strength to just keep going. They are unfortunately on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to racial inequality and workplace violence and more as it pertains to not getting paid enough, not getting their benefits, and not being treated as equals. What I love about Black women is they don’t stop the fight of making sure that there’s a world that is equal for all.” Jaime Dee, @thejaimedeeshow

They have unconditional love

“I’d have to say mostly their resilience, their unconditional love, and the way they empower each other.” Ricky, @ricky.rosay22

They have a magic about them

“I love their honesty, their support, their love, and their magic about them. Taking care of all of us in the family and making sure that we’re doing well and doing good. Even putting themselves before us at times. Sometimes that’s not healthy, but they do it because they love us so much.” Shawn, attendee

They are beautiful women 

“I would say it’s the fact of how supportive they are of Black men. They are ride-or-die. They might get on your a– a little bit, but they do love us and they care about us. So that’s probably the big thing. That’s probably the biggest thing and they are beautiful as well. You know we have to show them love.” Jay, attendee

They use their voice

“They’re strong and they have a voice. They speak up when they feel like it.” Trenton, @yourvisions

Their support is next level

“Their unwavering support. I have a film at the festival, and I wouldn’t be at this festival if it wasn’t for the Black women who helped me get into a position, gave me the project, and supported me while I was doing it. I think a lot of times what gets lost for men is understanding how much Black women care about us, and no matter what they will always support us and lift us up. When I’m on any award show, the first thing I want to thank is God and then Black women.” Eternal Polk, @eternalpolk

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