Styles P retires from solo rap career to chase a new goal; good health (video)

The next chapter of emcee’s life will be rosy

Styles P has moved on to the next chapter. A member of The Lox, the New York MC has decided to step away from his solo rap career to educate the Black community on health.

At the 2023 BET Awards, Styles P and Adjua Styles discussed their health journeys.

At what point did being healthy become a high priority of yours?

Styles P: It’s been a journey, a while for us, my wife and I. Being in hip-hop, being on the road, she will remind me to eat clean and level it out. Being at the juice bars and understanding the change it made. Eventually, partnering up with my partner, creating Juices for Life, then, me and my wife created Farmacy for Life. We’re just pouring in because our community needs it, straight up. As Brown people, we suffer the most from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cancer rates, you name it, we suffer from it.

Health is wealth. You got to take care of yourself. Make sure you’re getting your fruits, vegetables, herbs, oils, vitamins and minerals in your body. That’s what we do.

It’s a lot for a person who eats meat every day to go fully vegan. So what’s one diet tip you can give people?

Styles P: I don’t want everybody to go fully vegan. I tell everybody to work on a balanced lifestyle. Vegan isn’t for everybody. I don’t know, I’m not the creator to say it is, but I would say if you’re trying to live clean, just pick a day out of the week every month and practice eating clean that day. That’s one day out of every week for a month. Next month, you try to push it to two days a week, and just look up the information on everything you’re eating and it should help you work on your balance.

Adjua Styles: Know the ingredients. Read the ingredients on the packaging, that way you [can] try to understand what you’re ingesting.

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