Big Boss Vette celebrates growth as an artist with latest EP ‘Resilience’

The rapper shared some of the trials and tribulations she had to overcome

Big Boss Vette is a St. Louis rapper, best known for her popular hits, “Pretty Girls Walk,” and “Snatched.”

As a girl’s girl, she focuses on empowering women through her music.

The rapper opened up about her growth as an artist with her new EP, Resilience.

What can we expect from your new EP, Resilience

Just great music in general. I have been growing my sound for so long, because when I first started I was just doing ratchet, hood, and raunchy just to grow and incorporate records like, “pretty girls walk,” “dollas,” “another one,” “ghetto love,” or “get it,” which is going to be the focus track of my EP. I’ve heard a lot of people say that I make different types of music. I’ve heard them say that I make TikTok music, cheesy music, or ratchet music, but I just know how to make good music. I have an ear, and I can hear it, and I see the vision. I just have to show them what it is, because if they don’t see what I see, when I first put out the work, or when I first tease it, I just have to make them a believer. At this point, I know what I’m capable of.

How do you empower women through your music?

Everything I do is for the women. I’m a girl’s girl. I love my women, and every time I drop a song, I always have to talk that talk. I have to uplift every woman or every person that I can. At this point, I’m never going to stop. What’s a Big Boss Vette record without a Big Boss Vette affirmation?

What were some trials and tribulations that you overcome?

At the beginning of my trials and tribulations, I was broke, so I could never afford a lawyer to read the contracts and things of that nature. Just learning how to grow up out of the sound that I was so used to in St. Louis.

My city is raunchy and hood, and having to grow out of the sound was hard. I still make that music but I also add my commercial music to it. Another was learning to watch my own race, because you may think you’ve been putting all this work in, but everybody has their moment. Everyone has their own race, and you always have to watch what’s on your plate.

At times you feel like you’re working so hard, but then you’re like why is nothing happening? On the outside looking in, everything looks marvelous, but on the inside, you are putting all this blood, sweat, and tears into your work. Lastly, things on the internet will have you feeling like you’re not doing enough in your career, which is hard. I have to mute certain blogs or unfollow them. If you change what you see your mind is going to be calmer and you’re going to own who you are.

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