Metric Mate CEO M-T Strickland promotes healthy living through technology

M-T Strickland is using technology to his advantage

M-T Strickland is the co-founder and CEO of Metric Mate, a platform that allows beginners and experts to turn any strength training equipment into SMART equipment. The company was founded to serve people aspiring to get in better shape and live healthier lives.

Strickland was at the National Black MBA Association business pitch competition representing Metric Mate for a chance to win $5,000. Strickland spoke with rolling out about Metric Mate and what the company is doing to help people live healthy lives.

Tell us about Metric Mate.

Metric Mate is a data analytics company with patented technology that allows you to turn any of your resistance training equipment into SMART equipment, anytime and anywhere, whether it’s the boxing gym, home gym, hotel gym, condo gym, or cruise ship gym. No matter where you might be, you are running into resistance training equipment.

Resistance training is continually being exposed as an awesome way to extend your life of all things, let alone prevent diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, so people are getting more interested in it. But how do you track that data? With Peloton you’ve been able to see a gamifying that system makes people stay on their journey. The Fitbits and the Apple watches have people battling over how many steps they took, but what do you do when you do a curl or a leg extension? What do you do when you’re doing squats? How is your form going? We’ve invented a completely portable technology that has minimal calibration and allows you to gamify and smart any piece of equipment.

How has technology benefited your business?

I’m an engineer by trade and an electrical engineer by degree. Both of my co-founders are electrical engineers, so we’re immersed in technology. I’ve worked in the supply chain for some of the biggest companies in the world and been in manufacturing facilities with others across the world. Technology has revolutionized their lives and allowed them to be able to disseminate their skills in multiple different ways. The matriculation of technology down into everybody else’s daily life is now showing us that data acquisition, data capture, and that ability to be able to take that data and not only refine what is working for you but ensure that you’re moving in the right direction, is revolutionizing everybody’s life from your screen time, to how many steps you took, to what time you woke up in the morning, to how you slept. Being able to have the technology to do that is going to do wonders … for the everyday person.

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