Ric Mathis emphasizes putting Black people 1st in new film ‘B1: The Movie’

Filmmaker Ric Mathis says Black people must ‘get on code’

Ric Mathis, also known as the “Documentary King,” is an accomplished filmmaker and author with over 20 years of experience in photojournalism and filmmaking. Based in Atlanta, he founded West End Filmmakers and is internationally recognized as a leading director, producer, and writer.

Mathis is the filmmaker for B1: The Movie, a perspective on the current economic crisis and its impact on Black Americans and emphasizes prioritizing the needs of Black people by “getting on code.” Dr. Boyce Watkins and Mathis examined the state of the Black community with the question, “What is it going to take, for Black people to put Black people first?” The film will premier on Aug. 17, 2023, with a red-carpet screening in Atlanta and a live-streamed global watch party for viewers around the world.

Mathis sat down with rolling out about the film and what putting Black first means to him.

What does it mean to “Get On Code?”

For so many years, we’ve put other people before us from the standpoint of building this nation and nurturing their kids. We put other races first before the Black race, and they don’t put other races before their race. It’s several codes we talk about in the film. We talk about health, relationships, and educating our kids, and in media, we talk about it from the standpoint of music, film, and social media.

We describe being on code as being sensitive to what the Black society needs to survive and thrive and putting those needs first and foremost, before one’s personal needs. So plain and simple. What we mean when we say “on code” is looking out for the group, as opposed to your individual self. You’re going to look at yourself automatically, but at the end of the day, it’s doing what’s best for the group. That means supporting the Black-owned business, eating healthy, and exercising. You’re doing that for you, but you’re doing that for the group because you’ll be able to assist the group moving forward.

What does putting Black first mean to you?

This is something that is vital that we need to do in order to put the next generation first, in order to honor the previous generation that has come before us and say, “Hey, I appreciate what you did. I appreciate the sacrifices you made for me. I’m going to put B1 first, I’m going to put Black first for you and the sacrifices you made, and I’m going to put Black first for the next generation so they can stand on my shoulders and make a win.” At the end of the day, B1 is about winning. It’s all about winning. Keep winning king, keep winning queen.

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