Teasha Cable discusses the truths and conspiracies about AI

The tech CEO explained how CModel plays a role

CModel is a tech company that specializes in helping businesses grow through the optimization of artificial intelligence tools.

The CEO and founder, Teasha Cable, explained how CModel adds a layer of decision intelligence to help business leaders make resolve complex issues.

Cable shared the truths about artificial intelligence and helped debunk conspiracy theories

What is the current state of Black tech in 2023?

I think it depends on what space. I probably can’t answer for everyone, but I would say from, my view, there’s an emerging aspect. I’ve been in a couple of groups of Black entrepreneurs over the past year and in both groups, I see creativity in what entrepreneurs are building. I’m also seeing extensive technological advancements happening and things that are making much broader uses of technologies like AI, and data and analytics for wholesome purposes. That’s what I see. I can’t wait to see some of these companies in their earliest stages become later-stage companies where we will start to see the impact of what they’re doing in the world .

How does CModel play a role in AI?

AI is mathematics, so advanced statistics. Those are the kind of ways that AI is being used today. What we’re doing is saying, “AI by itself is not enough to solve big complex problems, or help business leaders to make complex decisions.” What CModel does is take that and add in a layer of decision intelligence that says this is how you connect information.

Let me give you the causal connection. This happens because of X and this will happen because of Y. Now when I’m a business leader, I can answer two key questions; “What do I need to do to achieve my business outcomes and why?” There’s nothing that answers those questions, except for human beings with their guesses today, so that’s the goal.

Should we be worried about AI when it comes to our identities?

AI by itself, can’t steal anything, because it’s a set of mathematics. Can a human person program an AI to steal your identity? Potentially. It depends on what is stealing your identity. What are we talking about? Are we talking about data collection efforts, and then they take that data and then redistribute it without your knowledge in some way? Absolutely. That can happen. I’m pretty certain that there’ll be lots of regulations and some things that will be put in place to mitigate that risk. However, the key thing to remember is that it’s going to be a human being who programs AI to steal people’s identities. It will not be AI by itself.

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