VEDO describes the difference between a star and someone who’s talented

The R&B artist shared the inspiration behind his latest song ‘Intentional’

R&B artist VEDO is back after his sold-out Mood Swings Tour with another love anthem, “Intentional,” inspired by his real-life fiancée.

The recording artist opened up to rolling out about his growth and what makes someone a star.

What inspired the song “Intentional?”

It just came to me because the word “intentional” means so much. I think a lot of people don’t move with intention. I think they move with intentions, but some of them are bad and some of them are good. Whatever the case may be, I think in life, you should always move with intention to excel forward, do better, and be great. I just sat back and thought to the person that I’m with, my fiancée, that this was intentional. Because when we met, I knew off the bat I was gonna marry her, so it was intentional.

How do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist?

I take my time now. I listen to myself and my gut. The music that I put out now is truly the music that I want to do because “You Got It” was something I truly wanted to do. It goes to “Intentional.” Every record that I’ve been releasing since then, and a little further before that, all those records were intentional. I intended to release these types of records because I don’t believe in trying to sway to what I think the audience wants to hear from me because I’ve learned that when you speak truthfully, it’ll break through. Eventually, if they don’t understand, they will.

What is the difference between someone who’s talented and someone who can be the star?

The difference is preparation and hard work. That’s why people always say hard work beats talent. You got people who wake up and study making people believe what they say. That’s a skill to wake up and say, “Hey, I want to be so good at this that you’re going to believe what I’m saying.” The talent is there; now it’s time for you to hone in on the mental aspect of it. How can you connect with people through your music? I think the only way is to sing the truth. Say what you’re true to. You can make people believe a lie, but then you have to keep lying. It’s like if your music says you kill people, “I want to see you kill somebody.” You’re probably going to go to prison but you said you kill people so you just have to live what you sing about.

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