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Dee-1, Lecrae feud over merchandise referencing Bible and Cardi B

The 2 Christian rappers reportedly had private conversation and came to apparent middle ground
Dee-1, Lecrae feud over merchandise referencing Bible and Cardi B
Rapper Dee-1 at 2022 InvestFest (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Two of the most popular Christian rappers are currently going through a contentious disagreement. Louisiana native Dee-1 publicly called out Lecrae for his “Righteous & Ratchet” merchandise campaign.

“When I saw he used his large platform to publicly push, promote and glorify a lifestyle of being righteous and ratchet, I was like, ‘nah,’ ” Dee-1 said. “I have a responsibility to use my large public platform to put a message out and let people know that we as believers do not all agree with that and we don’t stamp that. We don’t co-sign that.”

Dee-1 said after he initially called Lecrae out for it, the two had a private conversation and Dee-1 thought they agreed the campaign wasn’t appropriate. But, Lecrae continued to market the line, and he even saw one of the shirts for sale that read, “I can quote Cardi B and Corinthians.”

“He still chose to want to monetize the moment,” Dee-1 said. “So [now], it seems like you’re putting the business before the ministry, and we have to be careful of that in life. When you’re doing ministry and business, it should never be business and then ministry.

“The Great Commission calls us, as believers, to make disciples of all the nations. It seems like sometimes, people try to make customers of all the nations, before disciples. If things get put out publicly, I’m going to address them publicly. I’m not going to let that slide, but it’s no hate,” Dee-1 said.

Before Dee-1’s latest response, Lecrae responded on social media. The singer was walking through a neighborhood with his hair unbraided, but not picked out. He said with that look, some of the neighbors probably thought he was “ratchet.”

“Wretchedness comes from disenfranchised communities,” Lecrae said. “It’s part of the culture that we are raised in, and there are some aspects of it that are redeemable, and there are some aspects that we have to let go … I wouldn’t be rapping if there weren’t some aspects of a wretched culture. Hip-hop was born in wretchedness.

“Let’s not trash the community. Let’s not tear down the community for some of the actions that don’t fit the broader society, that they may be a little annoyed at. I’m sure they called Jesus ratchet. He came from Nazareth.”

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