Jastin Martin’s ‘Miss Me Yet?’ and the discernment of ending a relationship

The singer broke down romance and peaceful advice

Singer Jastin Martin doesn’t care anymore, but maybe a brief check-in wouldn’t hurt. Her latest project, “Miss Me Yet?,” centers around moving on from someone with whom you have an extensive history.

Martin recently stopped by rolling out to discuss it all.

What has been the reception so far for your latest project?

It’s been received so well, [with] so much good feedback. It feels good to get it off. I’m the type that will hold on to something or wait too long to the point where I don’t even want to drop it anymore. Now I’m just like, making music, [and putting] it out. Onto the next, put it out.

What space were you in when you created this project?

“Miss Me Yet?” definitely is mostly based on one specific relationship and experience that I had.

I feel like it’s taken you through every point with me that I experienced. In the beginning, it’s like, “OK. Fresh off the breakup, whatever. It is what it is.” And then it’s like, “Wait, I might miss you.” I might actually want this back, and it’s like, “OK. No, nevermind, nevermind.”

I’m very contradicting, and I just love to reflect that in my music because I feel like it’s real; it’s a real emotion, and everybody does it.

What do you think is the difference between a person genuinely trying to learn how to communicate and make things work and someone who just isn’t the right person for you?

That’s a very great question.

How I operate, you get so many times. I feel like it’s perspective, and it’s discernment, but you get [so] many times until [you’ve got to be like], “Alright. You’ve got to go.”

Your sound gives the impression you’re in tune with yourself. Are you constantly at peace?

I definitely feel like we all have good days and bad days. I’m very intentional. I will say [I’m] just trying to find peace internally and doing little things like going to the park and taking time out to meditate, say my affirmations, and be intentional with the universe and stuff.

I feel like we all have our days. I can definitely say I have my days. I feel like it wouldn’t be transparent of me to lie and say I’m at peace all the time. Some days, I may wake up like, “Don’t call me. I don’t want to talk to [anyone] today. I don’t know, I’m just feeling weird.” So, I feel like we all have those days.

When did you first get into plants?

I’ve always wanted to be a plant mom and have a bunch of plants. My granny has always had a bunch of plants since I was growing up. She knows what she’s doing. She can have plants growing out of a water bottle, just different weird stuff in the house. I got [into] plants from her, but I definitely want to get more into it though. I want a garden with fruits and stuff.

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