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Tiffany Haddish responds to backlash of following Shakira during the VMAs

The comedian said Shakira showed her love
Tiffany Haddish responds to backlash of following Shakira during the VMAs
Tiffany Haddish (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Tiffany Haddish is a comedian, which means her job is to make people laugh. That’s what she was trying to do during the VMAs when she shadowed Shakira throughout the awards show, but many people thought she was doing too much.

Her antics went viral on social media, as Haddish is seen following the singer around shouting her name, and also photobombing a few of her pictures.

Haddish apparently has felt the backlash and she’s recently let the world know that it’s none of their business how she acts. In an interview with “The Morning Hustle,” Haddish shared her thoughts on the situation.

“It just makes me laugh really hard because it’s like at the end of the day, why you mad,” Haddish said. “‘Oh, she’s embarrassing us.’ Do I know you? Did you raise me? Did you ever feed me? Am I your friend? I’m embarrassing you because I’m having a good time?”

Haddish says that people didn’t see the whole video and that Shakira actually interacted with her.

“What the camera didn’t show, was her security said ‘Okay, come,’ and we go on over there behind the curtain and she’s like ‘Oh my God Tiffany you’re so silly,'” Haddish said. “Giving me hugs and kisses, and then we’re taking pictures, talking about music, we’re talking about videos, we’re talking about money.”

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