Danie’s Natural Juices offer a healthy start to your day

Many are discovering the health benefits of juicing
Danie’s Natural Juices offer a healthy start to your day
Photo credit: Danielle Marshall

After losing her job and struggling to find work, Danielle Marshall was forced to reinvent herself in 2017. Feeling depressed and unsure of what to do, she discovered juicing for the health issues she faced at the time. The health benefits from juicing she noticed an increased energy, clearer skin, less bloating, and weight loss. Danie’s Natural Juices soon took off and she has not looked back.

How did you get into juicing?
After being introduced to juicing, I fell in love. I enjoyed the creativity it opened up for me. After juicing regularly, I was astonished at the results I received. My skin was clearer, digestion was easier, I felt more energized, and made better food choices. As I started to see results, I began educating myself on the nutritional and fitness benefits of vegetables and fruits. I was amazed at what was learning and experimented in creating different recipes based on my health, wellness, and fitness desires.

When did you start your business and how long have you been in business?
I started Danie’s after friends and acquaintances began asking, “What are you drinking?” and “How did drop that weight?” Juicing was serving me in my personal life and [it was] something I really enjoyed doing and as I began to respond to others’ questions, I started selling my delicious juices. I did this for many years selling my juices singly, in six packs, or as juice cleanses to those I knew and referrals. In 2019, I looked at the revenue I’d earned from my “hobby and side hustle” and began looking at Danie’s as a real business. In 2020 during the pandemic, I officially incorporated Danie’s and moved from my home and into a shared kitchen space, I upgraded my website, started taking classes on business development, and began participating in Chicago farmers’ markets.

How do you reach your clients?
We reach our clients by being present and available in the community so during farmers’ market season, we participate. We collaborate with sponsors who share our values of providing health information, education, and food equity. We reach our clients by participating in  various corporate wellness events, and pop-ups whose mission aligns with ours.

Do you have a subscription service?

Yes, because we believe in the Power of Daily Juice, we offer a practical monthly juice subscription as well as a monthly wellness shot subscription. Our monthly subscriptions offer our customers [the] convenience of having to do it themselves, the quality and variety of our juices, and a price that’s practical

Where can people find your products?
 You can always order from us directly online at www.daniesjuice.com, pick up at our manufacturing center or use our delivery service. Our top selling juices can also be found at Mariano’s in the produce department, U of C in their cafes, the Market at Hyatt McCormick, and the Farm on Ogden sells our juices. If it is farmers’ market season [May-October] we are at eight markets throughout Chicagoland.


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