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Young Thug’s father has harsh words for Lil Baby, rappers dissing Gunna

The rapper’s father did not hold back
Young Thug at Tycoon Music Festival (Photo by Nagashia Jackson for rolling out)

Young Thug had strong words for Lil Baby and any other rapper dissing Gunna. The man known as “Big Jeff” recently went on Infamous Sylvia’s online show and didn’t hold back when asked about Baby calling Gunna a “rat” at a recent show and unfollowing the artist.

“He need to shut the f— up,” Jeff said. “Because he doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s going off what he heard.”

He then challenged Baby to do something else to support Thug.

“Ask Lil Baby if he’s ever come to a court date,” Jeff said. “See, that’s what I want y’all to ask these g—– rappers and these ole bloggers with this whole ‘snitch s—.’ When have y’all gone to a court date to support Slime? To support Jeffery? To support Thug? However, you want to name him.

“Go on their social media pages and say, ‘Why in the f— haven’t you been to the courthouse to support your dude?’ And I guarantee you won’t get an answer … everybody who hasn’t been there needs to shut the f— up about Gunna.”

In December 2022, Gunna — whose real name is Sergio Kitchens — accepted an Alford plea months before the YSL trial, which is when a defendant pleads innocent but accepts a guilty outcome. Accepting the plea allowed Kitchens to walk free before the trial. In September, Jeff also reasserted Kitchens hasn’t done anything to affect Thug’s fight for freedom in the YSL trial.

Thug’s team has recently filed a motion to dismiss after the latest pause in the YSL trial. Among the celebrity supporters in court for the trial so far has been singer Mariah the Scientist, who is Thug’s girlfriend.

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