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Q. Nicole cultivated healing using cannabis

Odyssey of healing, cannabis advocacy and entrepreneurship started with her father’s death
Photo courtesy of Q. Nicole

In the intricate dance of life, Q. Nicole — a fervent believer in the transformative power of passion and purpose — discovered that the unexpected twists could lead to profound reinventions. Settled in her career as a real estate entrepreneur, her world took an unforeseen turn after the loss of her father, leaving her grappling with depression and a delayed PTSD diagnosis.

Take us through the moment when you realized you needed to make a change in your life following the loss of your dad.

Well at the time, I was developing residential real estate in Washington, D.C. I was in a really low place, and I had a lot of responsibility as the leader of construction projects. So, I remember sharing with my doctor how it felt like I was attempting to run through quicksand. When she shared her medical opinion, [I was] afraid of the impact of daily prescription consumption, [so] I chose to consume cannabis tincture drops to move through the items on my task list. It worked so well; I was shocked. I felt so limited energetically due to depression, so when I started to feel lighter and more energized day by day, I was intrigued.

How did this turning point impact your perspective on life, purpose and career?

I would say that my father’s transition triggered this moment in my life.  We turned pain into power. It fueled my purpose and reframed my perspective on major life events such as returning to North Carolina, empowering [a] rural American economy and pioneering a male-dominated industry as a woman of color.  I am tremendously grateful to be available to breathe life into and build WH Farms Co. as its founder and CEO.

Are there common misconceptions about cannabis that you aim to address through your advocacy work?

I often joke on social media that “the plant is innocent” because it truly is. I want people — especially residents of the southeast — to compare the long-term effects of consuming cannabis to the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or sugar. Cannabis is not a social issue.

I also want to amplify the benefits of hemp-derived CBD extract for health reasons and that it is, in fact, federally legal. I share how topicals provide a plant-based solution to pain relief because our aging population needs to know it won’t make them high. Seeing how many of them are addicted to prescription medicines truly breaks my heart.

Lastly, I have a strong stance against chemically induced cannabinoids that are in the marketplace such as Delta 8, Delta 10 and others. These induced cannabinoids are exaggerated derivatives that I encourage politicians to address on the regional/state level, as they are offering unpleasant experiences to new consumers and damaging the reputation of the industry.

What else is on the horizon for you?

I recently launched a phenomenal podcast, “The CannaCoin Podcast,” which is meant to share the wellness and wealth benefits of cannabis. The breadth of our show topics is a reflection of the diverse audience we seek to reach. We highlight the wellness benefits of the plant while also exploring topics surrounding the business of cannabis.

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