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Abandoned your new year fitness goals? Here are 3 ways to get back on track

Lost sight of those workout goals? It’s time to get back on track

Eddie Thomas is helping people in Michigan become more fit and healthy, opening a business called Trinity Fitness, where his mission is to help others achieve their fitness goals while also nurturing their spiritual growth. 

For some people, getting into the gym was their goal for the new year. One month later and they’ve maybe got back into their bad habits, but it’s still time to turn that around. Thomas shared three tips that can help to get others back on track with their fitness goals.

For those people who have lost their consistency in the gym after the month of January, what are the three things they should be doing to get back into that routine?

The first thing is to get back into the gym. Just go, and don’t give yourself a timeline about like, “What I’m going to do, how I’m gonna do it,” just go be committed to say, “I’m going to spend three or four days in the gym for at least 20 minutes a day, I’m going to do something 20 minutes a day.” Those are the baby steps, get acclimated to saying that on a daily basis. During this time, if it’s a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, and say, “I’m gonna go to the gym, I’m gonna go there.”

Number two, have a vision, keep that vision, and then have something physical too in your hand with that vision, and keep it in front of you. My thing for my vision was that I kept guys on my phone like CT Fletcher, Ronnie Coleman, or other great bodybuilders to see that even though physically I couldn’t see my own eyes, I see a vision, and that’s the only thing I’ll focus on throughout the process.

Number three, don’t try to eliminate everything out of your diet, because that’s what happens in the first of the year. The first of the year comes and you’re gonna drop everything. You’re gonna drop all sugar, you’ll drop all liquor, you’ll drop everything. No, let’s slowball this thing. I think that you eliminate one thing at a time. My enemy is chips. I can eat chips like no other. I could still eat chips like no other, but I eliminated that poor process for a while. As I got consistent with that, I started seeing changes where I said, “I’m gonna try to eliminate this.” Also, stay confident. This is a process. You hear people say all the time, “It’s a marathon, let’s go for a long haul.” We don’t need to have this next week. Let’s just focus on the next couple of years and how we’re gonna change our lives, and they’ll get the results.

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