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Photographer Brian Trezevant has 1 goal when he’s snapping the perfect picture

Brian Trezevant loves to make people feel good about themselves

Brian Trezevant is a pro photographer based in Michigan who is ready to show his work to the masses. He is hosting his event, Tales of the City, which is a collection of his life’s photography and his journey from his hometown Brooklyn, New York to Michigan.

Trezevant spoke with rolling out about the event and his journey as a photographer.

What has your vision been as a photographer?

I love making people feel good about themselves. I do my photography in a raw form where I don’t do a lot of photoshopping or editing to my photos; I catch my subject in the natural state. That doesn’t mean I won’t hire a makeup artist or creative director to help me execute the look I’m going for. [Still,] I like to build that connection and relationship with my subjects, bring out their inner insecurities [and] have them accept who they are through raw image portrait photography.

What do you think makes your work stand out?

I don’t think my work is more special or unique than any other photographer. My perspective is just get the shot and go. No shot is a bad shot. Each photo tells a different story which is one of my greatest fascinations about the craft that each photo I take is a completely different story. It all depends on the viewer to the viewers is what makes me a unique photographer or my work stand out. It’s the feedback [from] my subjects or the clients who booked me.

What is the art of being a photographer?

Just telling your story or the story of the subject that you’re shooting. I started with photography, just shooting random fashions that I liked. Now, I have transitioned into telling others’ stories, whether through photo journal journalism, going to a different country and taking their photo, or just something in my backyard. It’s to tell their story and not just mine.

How would you describe your style?

I would say what [is] more natural. Natural photography and natural portrait photography. [That] would be my style because you’re going to just get exactly what you came for coming to me. You’re going to look like yourself coming to me.

Tell us more about Tales of the City.

I wish that I could invite more people, but the show is sold out completely. I am very grateful that it’s sold out. It sold out about five days after me posting the flyer. I wish I could drop the address and tell everyone to come out and support, but I will be doing another show in August and September, and it’ll be at the same place. Hopefully, we could do another one of these so that I could promote that next one better. It’s sad for those who are going to miss it but I’m so grateful for the ones who booked the show. It’s a collection of my life’s photography starting and my journey in Brooklyn, New York. That’s where I’m from Brooklyn, Coney Island, New York, and ending up here in Michigan. So it’s tales of the two cities.

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