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BIA fires back at Cardi B with scorching new diss, ‘Sue Meee?’

BIA gets very direct in calling out Cardi B in new song
Photo source: Instagram – @BIA

The long-simmering feud between BIA and Cardi B has officially reached a new level with the release of BIA’s scathing new song, “Sue Meee?”

Wasting no time getting personal and to the point on the 3-minute and 17 -econd long track, BIA hits Cardi with a barrage of accusations and insinuations about her rapping skills and marriage.

Got a dark soul, got a bright future/Imma let her know I’m a sharp shooter/You ain’t nothin’ but a f— girl, I see right through ya’,” BIA spits. “Put it on your gang that they ain’t f— you in/Put it on your name since you so gangsta like yo f—–’ friends/Put it on your hubby since you lying on your vows/I write all my verses, I can do this s— for hours.

C-A-R-D cryin’ on I-G /Catch another tude ’cause she couldn’t catch a beat/Do I beef with you or do I beef with Pardi?/You been scrapping projects since 2019.”

BIA went live on Instagram late Saturday, June 1 to preview the track in response to an Instagram Live session earlier in the evening by Cardi in which the “Up” rapper addressed the beef, giving her side of the story and recalling a conversation the two recently had to hash out their issues.

“The conversation started very nasty. It started very aggressive,” Cardi said. “I was coming at her, and she was coming at me. But then I called her back because … I’m so appalled at the fact that she thinks I’m copying her, or stealing from her, ‘cus there’s nothing that she do that I like. I don’t like her music, I don’t like her style … I don’t even see the b—-.”

“I don’t wanna dress like you, I don’t wanna look like you, I don’t wanna rap like you, I don’t listen to your music, I don’t know what the f— you be doing, b—-. … You not interesting to me,” Cardi said in conclusion.

What was once just subtle references in songs turned into a very specific beef when Cardi called out BIA on the remix of GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit “Wanna Be” that dropped on Friday, May 31.

Guess I’m a teacher since you wanna sub me/ She did one?, had no idea/ Thought she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B—- please don’t nobody wanna be her (BIA),” Cardi said on the instant hit.

Shortly after the track dropped, BIA used X to brush off the track writing, “B—-S IS WACK. B——S IS TRASH. I SHOULD HANG B——S RIGHT OVER MY KNEE, THE WAY I BE PUTTIN MY BELT TO THEY ASSSSSSSS.”

BIA ‘s track, “Sue Meee?” is currently available on her YouTube channel.

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