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Marques Houston opens up about leaving ‘Sister, Sister’

Houston’s journey balancing acting on ‘Sister, Sister’ with his music career in Immature
Marques Houston
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Marques Houston, known for his role as Roger on the hit ’90s TV show “Sister, Sister,” recently opened up about his decision to leave the show after four seasons. During an appearance on the “R&B Money” Podcast, Houston shared his concerns about being typecast and its effect on his music career with the R&B boy band Immature.

Steering clear of typecasting

Houston expressed his desire to avoid a fate similar to that of actor Jaleel White, who became synonymous with his character Steve Urkel from “Family Matters.” The fear of being permanently associated with Roger, the boy next door who was often rebuffed by the show’s twin protagonists, prompted Houston to reconsider his role. He stated, “I didn’t wanna be old and be Roger… I’m like, this dude, he’s ruining Immature.”

The struggle between acting and music

The actor and musician highlighted the conflicting images of his on-screen character and his off-stage persona. As a member of Immature, Houston was cultivating a sexy and mature image, which clashed with Roger’s goofy and nerdy reputation. He explained, “Once I started going out, and everybody starts saying, ‘Go home Roger!’ like I don’t want that, I don’t want that.”

Houston’s commitment to his first love, music, was evident as he discussed the challenges of balancing his acting career with his aspirations in the music industry. The incongruence between his burgeoning image as a ladies’ man and Roger’s character was a source of discomfort for him.

Reflecting on his acting career

Reflecting on his time on “Sister, Sister,” Houston acknowledged that he might have stayed on the show if his character had evolved beyond the annoying neighbor trope. The need for a more mature and complex role was a significant factor in his decision to exit the series.

Houston’s candid discussion sheds light on the complexities of managing a dual career in acting and music and the personal sacrifices artists sometimes make to maintain their brand and appeal to their audience.

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