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Viral couple proud to represent healthy Black love in hilarious fashion

Chase and Melo hold nothing back

Chase and Melo are one of the Internet’s favorite couples. The duo makes skits and other lifestyle content, building up an audience of over a million subscribers on YouTube, 869,000 followers on Facebook and over 820,000 combined followers on Instagram.

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At the 2024 American Black Film Festival in Miami, the couple spoke to rolling out about their career.

What is ABFF like for you?

Melo: It feels good. It’s our first time.

Chase: It’s both of our first times, so it’s an experience. I’m enjoying the experience so far and everything it has to offer.

Melo: I’m excited for what’s to come.

Would you consider coming to this film festival and networking here as taking the next step in producing work?

M: I feel like it opens me up to a lot of things, and it’s very inspirational. I feel like that’s coming along in the journey, for sure.

YouTube video

You guys do an amazing job of catching people’s attention. How did you crack that code in a microwave society?

C: Just a lot of research and trial and error.

M: Using a lot of relatability and life experiences, other people’s life experiences, and mixing in authenticity.

Where did your sense of humor come from?

M: I was born with it.

C: Yeah, I guess I would say I was born with it.

M: Getting joked on growing up.

C: Yeah. My family’s big.

M: Yeah, they are.

C: They just roast each other. That’s a form of love.

What is the art of good-quality comedy?

C: The comedic timing is something that can be worked on, grown and studied.

M: Being familiar with the culture. Dealing with the people and knowing what’s going on in the culture.

Why do healthy Black families need to be promoted?

M: I think it’s so important because we have enough of the toxicity being pumped out into our community.

So I love that we can add some balance and some light [so] that it doesn’t have to be toxic. There is such a thing as healthy love and healthy relationships, platonic and romantic.

C: It’s refreshing to consume different content other than the toxic content that overwhelms social media.

We try to keep it light-hearted, so when you come to our page, it’s fun. We make some jokes, but it’s not too heavy on toxicity.

Trying to stay positive and healthy was definitely a shift we made. I don’t remember when, but I like how it’s been working out for us.

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