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Meet Andrew Dutton: The teacher with 170 pairs of sneakers

Middle school teacher shares his passion for sneakers and photography
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Middle school hallways are often filled with students flaunting their latest sneakers, but in Lehi, Utah, it’s the teacher who’s turning heads. Andrew Dutton, known as AD Sneaks on Instagram, has captivated over 300,000 followers with his stunning sneaker photos and his ambitious project to wear a different pair of sneakers every day for an entire school year.

Dutton, a 36-year-old digital media and manufacturing tech teacher, successfully wore 170 pairs of sneakers, ranging from Sauconys to New Balance. His collection includes hype pairs, general releases, collaborations, and original colorways. Some of his standout pairs include Action Bronson New Balances, Concepts x Nike SB Dunks, and Union Jordan 1s and 4s.

Engaging students through sneakers

While some students were intrigued by his footwear, others were skeptical. Dutton used this curiosity as a teaching moment, sharing the history and stories behind his sneakers. “It was cool to give them info on some of these shoes that don’t make the rounds on social media,” he says.

The art of sneaker photography

Besides his daily sneaker challenge, Dutton is also known for his expressive sneaker photography. “I can control the position of the sneaker and pose it any way I want to get the feel of the sneaker,” he explains. His photos have gained popularity for their artistic flair and attention to detail.

A journey into sneakers and photography

Dutton’s love for sneakers began in the early 2000s during his middle school years. He admired athletes like Allen Iverson and Vince Carter and dreamt of owning their signature shoes. His passion for photography started in high school, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that he began combining his two interests, photographing his sneaker collection in his basement.

Behind the lens

Dutton’s first photographed sneaker was the Laney Jordan 5s, a personal favorite. He enjoys the creative control that sneaker photography offers, allowing him to set the mood and highlight specific details of each shoe. However, some sneakers, like the Jordan 11s with their reflective patent leather, pose a unique challenge.

Collaborations and future goals

Dutton has started freelance work with brands like Under Armour and boutiques in New Orleans, photographing ASICS, New Balance, and Sauconys. His ultimate goal is to shoot campaigns for major sneaker brands and be involved in the product launch process.

The issue with leaked sneaker photos

Dutton finds the trend of leaked sneaker photos frustrating. “It robs the brand from being able to tell stories, especially on collaborations,” he says. Despite the humor in seeing low-quality leaked photos, he believes it undermines the brand’s storytelling efforts.

Andrew Dutton’s journey from a sneaker-loving middle schooler to a renowned sneaker photographer and teacher is inspiring. His ability to engage students and the sneaker community alike showcases the power of passion and creativity.

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