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Ms. Pat calls Big Tigger the biggest hater (video)

Ms. Pat said Big Tigger was jealous of her
Ms. Pat
Ms. Pat (Image source: YouTube/The Breakfast Club)

Ms. Pat, the star of her hit eponymous TV sitcom, called radio show host Big Tigger a “d— hater” after he reportedly fired her from his show just a few months before she was planning to quit.

Pat, a comedic TV star whose full name is Patricia Williams, ripped into Big Tigger, who hosts a morning radio show on V-103. Ms. Pat is still irate that Tigger would fire her and co-host Shamea Morton without warning.

“Fired me before I could quit,” she admitted to the hosts of “The Breakfast Club” radio show. “I told them, I said ‘Imma leave in August’ and before August could get there [she was terminated]. I was blown away. I’d never thought I was gone get fired from that job.”

DJ Envy probed further, inquiring as to whether Ms. Pat and Morton discerned that their employment was in jeopardy. 

“I had no idea,” Ms. Pat shot back.

“NOOOO … me and Shamea didn’t have no idea,” she exclaimed angrily while gesticulating wildly. “I had no idea at all. I just knew they were gone renew her contract and I was gonna be gone about my business … but that’s what happens when you work with a hater.”

YouTube video

Ms. Pat claims she was the reason for Big Tigger’s success

Ms. Pat reiterated the word “hater” in describing Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan as she continued on her rant. She added that Tigger’s show was ranked 15th before she came on and elevated the numbers significantly to No. 2 or 3 in their market.

“Tigger is the biggest d— hater,” she continued. “I mean you had a good show, and you messed it up because of your ego. To me it was jealously. I was so shocked … I said ‘y’all gone fire me? Do you know these people get up to listen to me? … And you gone fire the person who had the most going on, which [is] me and Shamea? You gone leave the DJ?!’ ”

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