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Kelly Rowland embraces the cold plunge challenge

Fans react to Rowland’s physique in Instagram video documenting the challenge
Kelly Rowland
(Photo credit: / DFree)

Kelly Rowland, the celebrated “Lose My Breath” singer, recently took on the cold plunge challenge, sharing her icy experience on Instagram. Despite her intention to highlight the health benefits of this chilling endeavor, fans were captivated by her stunning physique in a sleek black swimsuit.

Health benefits of the cold plunge

The cold plunge is known for its impressive health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and a boosted immune system. Rowland humorously documented her attempts, trying to submerge herself in freezing water three times, each with varying degrees of success.

Fan reactions to Rowland’s icy adventure

While Rowland braved the cold, fans and followers were focused on her physical appearance, praising her natural body and expressing admiration in playful and complimentary comments. From being “double cheeked up on a Friday evening” to being called one of the “top 3 baddest of all-time,” the reactions highlighted a mix of humor and awe at Rowland’s enduring charm and fitness.

Rowland’s cold plunge attempts, filled with encouragement from her husband Tim Weatherspoon to stay in the icy water for at least a minute, ended up providing both health insights and light-hearted entertainment. Despite using a breathing technique to aid her final attempt, Rowland humorously struggled, making her chilly challenge a relatable and endearing moment shared with her fans.

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