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Kendra G combines singles, technology and social media for a career win

Four years ago, the world shut down and social media became a vital lifeline for many. D-Nice provided musical therapy for millions; Timbaland and Swizz Beatz reminded us of better times with the nostalgia of yesterday’s soundtrack; and Kendra G, a radio personality from WGCI in Chicago, offered us hope for finding true love under these incomprehensible circumstances. Kendra G’s “Singles Live” became a social media phenomenon creating viral videos from clips of her show shared across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

“It started because I had just gone through a breakup,” Kendra G reveals. “No one wants to be single during a pandemic, so I decided to start talking to other single people. I was surprised to learn there were other single people out there going through the same thing.”

Kendra G’s untimely breakup was the catalyst for the veteran radio personality to explore her passion for media and the gateway to her second chapter in the profession.

“I’ve always known I was good at what I do. I can hold a conversation with anyone, from any walk of life,” she states. “People often underestimate that skill set.”

Interviewing pop culture’s biggest and most influential celebrities for over 20 years allowed Kendra G to develop a grassroots fan base that cherished a genuine connection with her outside of her duties at the radio station. That popularity helped make her foray into the relationship space seamless, and she quickly attracted new followers. Every night after work, Kendra would go online across multiple platforms encouraging singles to put themselves out there in hopes of attracting the perfect match. Unlike some of the popular relationship podcasters and blogs that focused on the disconnect between Black men and women from a philosophical vantage point, “Singles Live” provided an outlet for everyday people to share their desires and deal-breakers publicly in hopes of finding an online connection.

Kendra G combines singles, technology and social media for a career win

“I’m not the same person I was when I started ‘Singles Live.’ I’ve learned so much about people and I realize that single people are single because a lot of them are crazy,” she jokes.

Kendra G’s infectious personality immediately makes viewers feel like they are speaking with one of their close friends or a family member. When the social barriers of 2020 were removed and other pandemic-inspired shows began losing momentum, Kendra G’s consistency remained. Every day after her shift on radio, she was there to welcome the lovelorn who wanted a chance to connect with others in the name of love.

“I knew I had something because this … included regular people and was easier to maintain than working around celebrities’ schedules. It’s based on hope and the idea that we all desire connection,” she says.

The love connections so many are seeking come in many different forms, Kendra has learned.

“I hope that people watch the show and it helps them be more realistic about how they approach dating. You can’t find love. Love has to be within you and when it’s inside you, you will attract that automatically. The truth is everyone isn’t going to find a romantic partner. Love comes in many different forms; it could be your parent or your child or a friend,” she says.

Eventually, Kendra G realized the hard work and dedication she put into “Singles Live” was allowing her to follow her entrepreneurial dreams. Her audience continues growing exponentially and the platform began turning a profit that eclipsed her paycheck.

“I believe in myself and I knew the time had come to bet on myself,” she shares.

Leaving her radio career and her Chicago home behind, Kendra G relocated to sunny Los Angeles and focused on “Singles Live” and a dating app to accompany the platform.

“The focus is the app. Soon you’ll access ‘Singles Live’ on the app and be able to connect with other singles there,” she explains.

Kendra G combines singles, technology and social media for a career win

Learning along with her audience has worked in Kendra’s favor as she is no longer counted as a single. She smiles brightly when speaking about her significant other.

“There’s nothing average about him and when I say that, I’m not talking about money. I’d always dated men with money so that doesn’t impress me. He is really a good person,” she gushes, “that’s what is important.”

Kendra G affectionately refers to her faithful online “Singles Live” fans as “Kendra’s Kousins.” The show has become a familiar destination for those seeking love, entertainment and attention. The show boasts numerous partnerships, engagements and weddings with the hope of many more to come.

“I think hope is most important. People watch the show and come on the show because it represents hope for finding love at a time when we all need it,” she says.

Photography by Jason McCoy

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