Backwoods hosts Smoke House Social Artist Showcase in Jacksonville

The Smoke House Social Artist Showcase went down at 1904 Music Hall in Jacksonville last night. Over a dozen artists competed for a chance to participate at the main Smoke House stage in Atlanta in



White Starbucks manager called police 2 minutes after Black men arrived

The White manager who worked at a Philadelphia-area Starbucks had every intention to racially profile Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson. Nelson and Robinson arrived at the Starbucks at 4:35 p.m. to meet with a friend about


‘Sheen Magazine’s’ annual ‘KIMMIE Awards’ returning to Atlanta

The international runway is coming to Atlanta in the form of Sheen Magazine and its annual Kimmie Awards. The Kimmie Awards weekend is being hailed as the fashion event of the year in Georgia. The


Prince’s estate being plundered of millions by lawyers and bankers

Like a bunch of jackals in a feeding frenzy on a rotting carcass, some of the lawyers, bankers, appraisers, etc charged with overseeing the late, legendary Prince’s vast estate are ravenously ripping it apart and


All Star Code honors former NYC Mayor David Dinkins

All Star Code, a nonprofit that provides African American and Latino men the skills, networks and mindsets they need to succeed in tech through coding and computer programming, recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in New