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Funniest Instagram memes this week

It’s definitely been a wild week when it comes to celebrity news. While the NBA playoffs get intense, celebrity gossip queens are still speculating on

Funniest Instagram memes this past weekend

  While your favorite celebrities are keen on posing sexy photos and pictures of their adorable children, many of our Instagram friends have been keeping

Bill Cosby memes explode on Instagram

Ever since the ill-fated Bill Cosby meme generator (introduced by Cosby’s own media team) fail last year, Cosby has become a popular social media target. Now with

Beyoncé: Funniest memes on Instagram

Beyoncé celebrated her birthday; click here if you missed it. As we pay homage to her, we decided to shout out her fans, too. Beyoncé’s fans

Funniest Homer Simpson memes on Instagram

The iconic cartoon character Homer Simpson has made his way from tv fame to Instagram notoriety. Long before Kermit was minding his business, Homer memes

Funny Lance Stephenson memes on Instagram

Lance Stephenson has been quietly racking up hilarious memes on Instagram. After being roasted at the 2014 ESPYS by his friend Drake, Stephenson has been seen blowing

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