President Obama Makes History — Again

The Obama campaign announced on Monday that it has received 10,000,000 contributions, setting a new record in modern politics. “Last night, this campaign reached 10,000,000 donations in 2012; a huge milestone and an historic record for grassroots politics,” wrote President Obama via Twitter  Monday morning. Equally impressive in an era of mega donors and super […]

Is President Obama’s Lead Built to Last?

Over the past two weeks, the Republican and Democratic conventions have been billed as an opportunity to reset a presidential race that has remained unnervingly close. Trailing all year, Mitt Romney in particular needed the convention in Tampa, Fla., to shift the conversation and help attract undecided voters. But despite Americans’ disappointment with the economy, […]

Herman Cain Building a Political Empire

Herman Cain, who briefly led the Republican presidential field in national polls and exited the race following charges of sexual harassment, has moved on to his second act in American politics. Cain has been busy creating a network of affiliated and overlapping political and business groups, including two super PACs, a politically focused nonprofit, an […]

Tea Party Slams James Earl Jones for ‘Racist’ Remarks

The Tea Party wants James Earl Jones to lower his booming bass voice. After the Star Wars actor compared the Tea Party to his racist grandmother on National Public Radio’s “Smiley and West,” he drew the ire of Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest Tea Party-affiliated group. “I think I have figured out the tea […]

Mayor of Atlanta, Philadelphia Criticize Romney’s NAACP Speech

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter held a joint telephone press conference to react to Mitt Romney’s speech during the 103rd NAACP convention. On the call, they highlighted a clear contrast between President Obama’s forward-looking vision for the economy, and Mitt Romney’s proposal, which would take the country back to the same […]

Billie Jean King, Jane Lynch Launch Lesbian Super PAC

Today, sports icon Billie Jean King and actress Jane Lynch announced the formation of a super PAC designed to increase the political power of the lesbian community. Aptly named LPAC, the organization will provide financial backing to pro-lesbian candidates, whether Democrats or Republicans, male or female, gay or straight. The group intends to back ballot […]

Obama Challenges Congress to Extend Tax Cuts for Middle Class

President Barack Obama urged Congress to approve a one-year extension of Bush tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year, just as Congress returned from the July Fourth recess today. The move is likely to set up another standoff with House Republicans, who have sought a one-year extensions of all the tax cuts. […]

For Black Americans, Damage From Housing Crisis Likely to Linger

Rather than helping black communities build wealth, recent studies show that the lending boom may have helped destroy it. A Pew Research Center analysis found that the wealth of blacks plunged 53 percent during the recession, driven by falling home prices. The sub-prime lending meltdown left what appears to be a permanent scar on the […]

Could the Presidential Campaign be Influenced by Aliens?

A new survey by Kelton Research found that more than 80 million Americans believe in UFOs, and 79 percent of Americans believe the government has kept information about them a secret. Respondents were also asked which candidate for president is better suited to handle an alien invasion. The overwhelming answer: President Obama. Nearly two-thirds or […]

Attorney General Eric Holder Avoids Prosecution

After voting Thursday, June 28, to hold the first African American Attorney General  Eric Holder, in contempt of Congress, the Justice Department announced Friday that Holder’s actions do not constitute a crime and that he will not be prosecuted. By a vote of 255 to 67 — with 108 democrats walking off the House floor […]

Will the Healthcare Law Mean Higher Prices at Restaurants?

The Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Healthcare Act could have some unintended consequences for Americans who like to dine out. Experts report that the health care law could mean higher menu prices at restaurants, along with staffing cuts and reduced service. Ultimately, it could mean lower wages for restaurant employees, says Karen Bremer, Executive […]

1st Black Attorney General Found in Contempt of Congress

The House of Representatives voted to make history on Thursday, June 28. By a vote of 255 to 67 — with 108 democrats walking off the House floor in protest  — Congress held Eric H. Holder, the first African American Attorney General, in contempt of Congress. The vote was taken after he withheld documents that […]

President Obama Stops in Atlanta for The Varsity Hot Dogs (and a Fundraiser)

On Tuesday, June 26, President Barack Obama made his second stop in Atlanta this year to meet with donors and attend fundraisers for his re-election effort. Air Force One touched down with the POTUS at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and was greeted by a delegation led by Mayor Kasim Reed on the tarmac. The group had their priorities […]