Attorney J. Wyndale Gordon explains the strategy used by Chauvin defense team

As both teams in Derek Chauvin’s trial rested their respective cases this week, Rolling out caught up with attorney J. Wyndale Gordon in advance of closing arguments. Gordon offered legal insight to help us understand the case and the potential outcome ahead of the verdict. As we await the verdict, what should we be telling […]

Chime Solutions scales up to build opportunities for underserved communities

Chime Solutions was founded in 2016 by Mark Wilson. Its mission is to deliver high-touch, contact center solutions to corporate clients. Chime started out as Ryla Teleservices, which was founded in 2001 as a startup, and successfully grew to a national leading BPO (business process outsourcing) service provider. Chime Solutions partners with leading brands providing […]

Indie artist Journii Walker shares why the pandemic made her celibacy easier

It wasn’t the pandemic that caused 31-year-old Journii Walker — a music artist, songwriter and influencer — to practice celibacy. Walker was in her third year of celibacy when the world shut down but her sexual status was due to her personal convictions. Walker chronicled her celibate journey on social media, when she completely stopped […]

Chef Alana’s ‘soul chicken’ is a creative update to tasty traditions

Chef Alana is the owner of Klean Plate Catering/Klean Plate Foods LLC. Based in Maryland, she has been in the food industry for 20 plus years. Chef Alana specializes in soul food made with creative and healthy options and recently sat down to share some of her secrets with us. What is something you make […]

Life coach Diana Byfield offers advice for a strong post-pandemic bounce back

With record numbers of vaccines going into arms across the world, people are planning their post-pandemic bounce back. Rolling out spoke with life coach Diana Byfield, CEO of Purpose Powerhouse LLC, for some serious words of encouragement as we all return to life after the pandemic. How do you find calm during these stressful times?  […]

Is the way you sleep causing weight gain?

The loss of sleep leads to hormone imbalance. That hormone imbalance can affect hair loss, mood, cravings and weight, according to Women’s Health magazine. Rolling out made it a mission to find the best things to do to get a good night’s sleep, because sleeping properly is important for health and maximum weight loss. 1. […]

Jonathan Kirkland, head of top dating app BLK, wants everyone to find love

In his role as head of marketing and branding at BLK, the leading Black dating app, Jonathan Kirkland has seen the company grow exponentially during the pandemic as people across the country sought to escape the great love lockdown of 2020, aka the pandemic. Kirkland, a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University […]

Authentic Empire aiming to be Atlanta’s next big label

Rolling out caught up with Atlanta’s most sought-after music mogul, Boomman CEO of Authentic Empire. Authentic Empire currently has some of the hottest artists on its roster. On Saturday, April 3, Boomman turned 40 and celebrated his Birthday in a major way. He hosted AE’s Indie King Showcase and signed artist Doughboy D to a […]

Le Mont Lee counsels Black children through the pandemic

Serving in various roles as mentor, counselor, teacher, and therapist, Le Mont Lee has worked with disadvantaged youth for over 20 years. He earned his Ph.D. in 2016 from the School of Psychology at Fordham University. Lee worked at the Upward Bound Program and served as a tutor and co-facilitator for creative writing workshops for […]

Southern AIDS Coalition’s Dafina Ward warns: HIV is still here

With the pandemic still taking lives and ravaging our health care system, we still must bring attention to the HIV epidemic, another health crisis still affecting our communities. Rolling out sat down with the executive director of the Southern AIDS Coalition, Dafina Ward, to help us answer questions about the status of HIV during the […]

Indria Gillespie wants you to be the match and save Black lives

Indria Gillespie, Ph.D., is a business owner and a two-time bone marrow donor. Her experience donating marrow to save the lives of strangers provided the inspiration for establishing the nonprofit Angels In Disguise. The organization’s mission is to conduct non-clinical research and heighten awareness of the bone marrow registry. Gillespie also works to increase understanding […]

When Black people vibrate higher, we can save the world

Dr. Masaru Emoto is credited with discovering how thoughts, words and feelings can influence the crystal structure of water and cells. In his 2004 New York Times bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, Emoto made the world curious about the vibration and frequencies of our thoughts, feelings and words, when he showed that water exposed […]

Chef Jojo credits her tantalizing flavors to cooking with her grandmother

Chef Jojo is the daughter of the famous St. Louis soul food restaurateur JT Brown. Bringing the original flavors of St. Louis to every home in America is her mission. While the Atlanta-based celebrity chef and entrepreneur has been cooking her way to the top for the past 25 years, she credits her success to […]

Luxury skin care line created by Black millennial enhances melanin-rich tones

Karen “Koko” Iyere recalls a conversation she had with a friend who died. “We were having a conversation about colorism, and in our last conversation he said, ‘I love my beautiful Black skin. I wish everyone would, too.’ I thought, what if I could make every person of color feel this way? Skin care is […]

Be The Match® executive Erica Jensen discusses how to save Black lives

Erica Jensen has 20 years of experience driving strategic growth for Fortune 500 corporations. She joined Be The Match® in 2019 as senior vice president of marketing of member engagement, enrollment and experience. Her work focuses on growing the Be The Match Registry® and eliminating disparities within multicultural communities so all patients with blood cancers […]

72 Black executives join the fight against voter suppression in Georgia

A group of 72 Black current and former Black business executives took a major stand against a controversial new voting rights law in Georgia. The group is posting a full-page ad in the New York Times today titled “Memo to Corporate America: The Fierce Urgency is Now.” These influential executives are asking corporations to come […]

Dr. Kiarra King says Black children should be raised to be fearless

Kiarra King is a Chicago-based physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology who provides continuous care for women of all ages, but she has demonstrated an extraordinary passion for working with teen moms. King, revered for her remarkable bedside manner, is also a much sought-after speaker, content creator, social media influencer and model. King regularly appears […]

Dr. Alexa Canady teaches us to remain calm in the face of obstacles

Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Dr. Alexa Canady is the first African American woman in the United States to become a neurosurgeon. Dr. Canady went on to receive her Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan, as well as her medical doctorate. She also graduated cum laude in medical school. Dr. Canady did her internship […]

How to cure dry hands at home

Chances are your hands have lost some luster during this pandemic, and you have tried different over-the-counter lotions and oils only to leave your hands still feeling dry, itchy and your skin peeling. The coronavirus outbreak and the resulting sanitization protocols have been harsh on our skin. So rolling out has compiled a list of […]